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New features in heater for more even heating of the room

Traditional heaters can raise the temperature in a room quickly, but they are not as effective. Nowadays, new products have emerged that incorporate new features to heat the room more evenly and keep the temperature in a more stable range. If the temperature fluctuates, it means there is a problem with the product's temperature control system.

The heater has a wide oscillating angle.

It has a swinging large wide angle, can be swung 90 degrees from front to back, swinging non-stop, the warm air continues, can make the room evenly warmed, rapid warming, swinging the head of the wide-angle warming setup allows multiple angles to quickly warm up, at any time to drive away the winter cold. In the cold winter, people are most worried about the uneven heating phenomenon, and its large wide-angle swing function successfully rejects such a phenomenon.

Heater with triple protection, peace of mind heating

Nowadays, new products are equipped with reverse tilt power failure protection device, which has multiple protections that can make everyone feel at ease to warm up, and if the temperature is found to be overheated, the power can also be cut off automatically. With the help of multiple protections, the safety has been improved, for example, the flame-retardant material inside and the abs material can bring the family more stringent protections. With the inverted tilt power off system, as long as the heater tilts to a certain angle, it can automatically cut off the power, and also has overheating protection function, the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the machine will also automatically cut off the power.

The heater has the feature of constant temperature

The heater has the feature of constant temperature, there is a professional sensor installed inside, which can sense the surrounding temperature at any time, if the surrounding temperature has reached the corresponding index, the system can automatically cut off the power, which can save the consumption of electric energy, and at the same time can ensure the constant temperature. If the temperature fluctuates, it may affect your health, and most products now have this feature.

Heater styles are plentiful

Today's heater has a variety of brands, and the style is very rich, it includes a mechanical model, touch screen models, etc., a variety of types of product models are basically the same. The price is different, the functionality is also different, nowadays most people will choose the higher grade products, touch screen operation is more convenient.