After showcasing Stone Island's Spring / Summer 2020 collection at the March fashion show, Canadian boutique record company HAVEN has now returned to a new series that highlights the brand's technical Shadow Project sub-series. Stone Island Shadow Project SS20 is produced together with Errolson Hugh and his ACRONYM team, and continues to develop on the basis of its experimental drive and utilitarian aesthetic, while HAVEN emphasizes this season's clothing dyeing and enzyme-treated textiles.

The highlights of the new fashion show include the iconic conversion pants of the sub-series (this is the cult file of many technical clothing collectors) and various nylon metal jackets. The convertible pants return in a mesh panel structure in the summer, and the use of convertible pockets increases ventilation and comfort. Stone Island's iconic nylon metal material is also flipped in a typical Shadow Project manner, this time choosing a striped version, in which nylon yarn with trilobite structure is interwoven with polyester stripes. Other highlights include a variety of loose fit shorts, a black heavy-duty tight-fitting cotton garment dyed jacket in workwear style, and various mid-layer options with ultra-compact fleece.

Check out HAVEN's "Stone Island Shadow Project SS20" fashion show above and immediately purchase through the retailer's online store.

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News Reference: https://hypebeast.com/2020/5/haven-stone-island-shadow-project-ss20-editorial