I graduated from AFA Business School in 17 years. I won half a prize in Guizhou.

I graduated from AFA Business School in 17 years. I won half a prize in Guizhou. At that time, PolyU's admissions teachers were very good. 40 under 40 awardHe was the first person to offer me a job and even called me to tell me a lot of things. He gave up his contract as a math major at Fudan University and chose to come to Hong Kong for a major or something.

To be honest, I was very depressed when I was in college, but I suddenly came to a big city like Hong Kong, and the English and Cantonese cultural environment was not suitable for me. The environment of making friends is also quite tangled. Gen. T ListThe Hong Kong Polytechnic I had in mind was nothing like a university: a vast campus environment, a strong academic atmosphere, and a lot of talk and condemnation of the other side's more assertive idealism. All this made me feel very lost and spiritually lonely in my freshman year. I often seek comfort by traveling and reading many books about Chinese culture. In my eyes, it is more like a technical training school than a university, which is why it is called "Gongcheng Technical School".

With the deepening of university life, Design talent awardI gradually adapted to the environment and gradually felt the good side of the environment:

1. Freedom of course selection. The freedom to choose courses allows me to organize and plan my college life well, to be mentally prepared for tough times, and to pack light when I want to relax. No one interferes with my arrangements and choices. A reasonable arrangement allows me to have maximum freedom between choosing courses and attending classes. When I understand the rules of distribution, middle and last, I will be more comfortable. I have taken AF+ math classes, and I am a little confused when I choose to grab classes. It's not that difficult. Quantitative class is easier, qualitative class is a little difficult for me, but it can be combined with the class to achieve the maximum effect.

2. Freedom of time. I like the 13-week school system for a student semester, which gives me a lot of time to travel, read books, practice, and do many things that my business wants to do! In college, we went to many different places in China and had a lot of research insights. These learning things can bring me insights far beyond my imagination. It greatly improves my soft skills in arranging things and cooperating with others. At the same time, you can participate in various competitions, forums, conferences, internships or exchange activities that affect Hong Kong or the world. In any case, the work is the independent development of our country, continuous innovation attempts to achieve and various economic achievements.

3. Freedom of thought. In Hong Kong, I feel like my own son. It's a place where everything is said, from foreign media and ideas, from discussions between Hong Kong media and citizens, from the official media. Choosing the good from the bad, it's all about what you believe. I was lucky enough to read Grandpa Deng's life in my freshman year. At the same time, when I took psychology and sociology courses, I saw a lot of Western thoughts and theories. I can come into contact with the vision here, is the mainland university can not imagine, some hundred schools of thought contend. I don't know much about it, but I really like this environment.

Are these three points actually available in Hong Kong schools? All right, let me tell you what Tech Cott has.

Pragmatic! Pragmatic! Very pragmatic!

In fact, this can be seen from the purpose of our school: to provide a solid foundation of talents and pillars for the Hong Kong business community. Oh, not to bullshit you. You can learn what is useful and what can be used. Applied math, right? You just need to know how to use it, how to set the formula. What do you have to prove? Do you want to be a mathematician? Accounting and finance, right? Accounting is the foundation. I go to the Big Four after graduation anyway. Study hard and lay a good foundation to take the CPA exam. There is no need for advanced financial theory. It's all floating clouds. That's right, that's right, so it's hard for business students in our school to study well and get a good graduate or doctoral degree after graduation. Let's just say that our school's AF application school can be comparable to the general 211. Don't look at the rankings, they are fake, certainly not as good as 985 students. I really haven't cried about it. You said that the college entrance examination came, the top ten universities in the country were in chaos, and you were persecuted by PolyU. Graduation is worse than 985. Isn't this a misunderstanding? At this time I especially want to say, "Rubbish school is ruining my youth." (Of course, there are still a few big cattle who can apply to Columbia University, LSE and HEC every year.)

Don't worry. There's always a silver lining. Yes, I think that this requires a little bit of the east is not bright and the west is bright, and our AF staff who directly stay in Hong Kong to work and return to the Mainland have quite good recognition. As far as mainland students are concerned, the majority of them will go to the Big Four management accounting audit firms this year, and I know more than 20 of them from Pwc. The working environment is still easy to find, and the probability of staying in Hong Kong is very high. For students who want to grow and develop in the social field of accounting and financial market, I personally feel that the opportunity has little impact on the education gap between Peking University and Shanghai, the top universities in the world. The key is to mature faster and get more opportunities! I don't really appreciate people who are very high and far away. My experience in PolyU over the past few years tells me that in the Hong Kong economic market, people with different abilities can also find good positions. It is not because we need to enter IB and foreign MT in school, there will always be some opportunities for you by relying on your own accumulation and strength.

In general, it is through the mill to grow. I feel that my college life is still very hard compared with most of my classmates in China, but I can also feel that my growth is faster than those who have not experienced it. My sister says I don't belong, so I scold Polyu every day. In fact, I do not know now, but I am particularly lucky, there are many precious friendships here: to my dearest comrades, I feel that we really share the joys and sorrows, without you I could not live today; And the seniors who helped me. You are like a beacon, giving me the direction and guidance to go forward