metal insulation

As our standard of living improves, we demand more and more soft wear and tear.curtain designs If you still use curtains as a soft accessory, they are really outdated. Nowadays, curtains can be fully functional, from heat insulation and sound insulation to UV protection, dustproof and waterproof. Whether it is fabric curtains, gauze curtains, roller blinds, bamboo curtains or blinds, each has its own specialty. Therefore, we must clearly inquire about the choice before purchase according to the need.

Motorized curtains open and close: blackout fabric is essential

Fabric curtains are the main common in living room and bedroom design. For the sake of a visual art effect and the convenience of use, we will mostly match the gauze curtains and fabric curtains can be used. However, if you are not satisfied with the shade of the curtains in your house, you don't need to rush to change the new one, just add a layer of blackout fabric on the original curtains in your business.focal shade Shading cloth used in the material aspects of a bit of a problem similar to umbrellas, although this lightweight, but a good shading cloth can manage to play a kind of excellent heat insulation, sunscreen, UV protection and other effects. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that most of the blackout cloth with fabric curtains sewn or pasted together, rarely independent curtains. Because the use of blackout cloth itself is relatively thin, if not followed by fabric curtains pulling and tugging will not be able to facilitate, no drape, for part of the blackout treatment effect will be different effects. Because our multi-layered fabric curtain system looks more stable atmosphere, but also noble. Therefore, it is most suitable for them to be used in urban living rooms and master rooms.

Motorized blinds: metal insulation

Blinds, vertical shades, and bamboo shades are experts in controlling light, protecting privacy, skillfully ventilating, and beautifying spaces. They are different from other window coverings, which cover all windows. If desired, the light can be adjusted as needed to harmonize the interior. Because they are lighter and not a single unit, ventilation is simpler; these flexible curtains come in a wide variety of shapes and many patterns to choose from.

It is important to note that not all blinds are insulated. Metal blinds with insulating coatings and fabric blinds containing insulating materials usually provide excellent insulation. Blinds are clean and tidy, making them easy to clean on a daily basis, and are better suited for simple living spaces, home dens, gyms, and other function-oriented spaces, as well.custom blinds In addition, magnesium-aluminum alloy shutters are highly waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and well-maintained, making them best suited for use in function-oriented spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Facing east:Pay attention to light blocking. Recommended:Bamboo blinds.

If it is a window located in the east, blackout will become the main influence factor that we can consider when choosing the style of blinds. Professionals have recommended bamboo blinds, which are made of bamboo research. This kind of bamboo blinds looks a bit like rolling sushi roller blinds, after pulling down, can be completely without blackout. It has better environmental product performance than roller blinds made with PU material technology.

Westward: Note the recommendation for westward sunlight: solid wood blinds

If the windows are located in the west, you need to pay special attention to the sunlight in the west, especially in hot weather, when the temperature is relatively high, strong sunlight will not only damage the surface of the furniture, but also make the fabric fade. So professionals recommend solid wood blinds, which can diffuse the light source and protect the furniture.

Motorized roller blinds:PVC material blocks UV rays.

High-quality roller blinds can integrate sunshade, sound insulation, safety and convenience. It is generally divided into manual and automatic. If necessary, it can be used with a manual lock. As long as you lock it inside, it will be difficult to open the curtains from the outside. Unlike fabric curtains, the seams between the roller blind and the window can provide good soundproofing if handled properly. Although it can't be 100% soundproof, it can solve a lot of problems; from the perspective of shading, roller blinds are not as effective as heavy curtains. However, if the roller blinds are made of PVC, it has a good UV protection effect. Overall, roller blinds are more suitable for use in bedrooms, especially children's rooms. Because the pattern of the roller blinds is more active, it is not easy for children to pull them out.