Credit card online shopping means that credit card gateway customers buy products in Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce sites, open the Anthem online payment payment, by the merchant according to the mail, courier companies and other methods to deliver the products of a consumption method. For shoppers, online shopping is easy and convenient than the price network, you can buy more cost-effective products; application of credit card consumption payment, you can not occupy part of the deposit assets, online shopping also has credit card points.

Taobao to buy something as an example, bitmain antminer s19 pro cena come together to see how credit card online shopping practical operation:.
A, the first credit card online shopping, open the personal credit card quick payment
Open Taobao, in the "My Taobao" to find the Alipay wallet - click on the right side of Alipay "savings card: management methods - plus savings card --Type in the bank card number, expiration date, the financial institution reserved cell phone number - according to the verification of cell phones, that is, the success of the process. After opening the personal credit card quick payment, you can buy your favorite products. In the payment immediately choose the bank credit card payment, key in the credit card consumption login password can be successful. Payment customers also first purchase goods, choose credit card consumption in the settlement, and then open the personal credit card quick payment according to the reminder, open the same steps as above.

Second, in addition to personal credit card gateway credit card quick payment, like China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, etc., you can also choose to "login to online banking payment", choose the bank credit card in the online banking side, according to the reminder to enter the relevant information and login password to carry out payments.

In the Jingdong application credit card shopping, in addition to the fast payment function and online banking payment can also choose other payment system payment, including Yuan Qian, online payment, mobile payment and Lakala payment. Customers can carry out credit card spending according to the above payment systems.

Credit card online shopping pay attention to the security of the card, design a scheme with a high degree of confidentiality of information Taobao and Alipay login password, set a secret security issues and bound cell phone number.