Hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer are very important daily essential cleaning products. In the future, we will recommend a variety of hand cleansing products with a gentle appearance, texture, and fascinating fragrance. While preventing epidemics and antibacterial, you can also enjoy the time of hand hygiene.

If you want to pick out germs every day, it’s definitely the best way to wash your hands frequently. Good hand sanitizers can moisturize your skin while cleaning your hands. Some are full of fresh fragrance and relieve stress. The following are recommended in the future. Hand-washing products with a charming scent, and their appearance is very high, and the atmosphere becomes high-level instantly when placed on the sink, so that every time you wash your hands is super healing!

Diptyque's hand cleansing and maintenance products are definitely the best in fragrance and beauty. With exquisite fragrance skills, they perfectly combine skin care functions with pleasant fragrance. It has both beautiful and practical features, adding beauty to the home bathroom space.

Lavender Hand Cleanser & Velvet Hand Lotion

Extracting natural lavender, rosemary and ylang-ylang, it is rich in mild and calming lavender honey, and infused with organic lavender, rosemary floral water and lemon essential oil. At present, the bottles are replaced with environmentally-friendly and recycled large glass packaging, and environmentally friendly Booster pack.

Scrub skin care hand sanitizer

In 2020, a new "scrub skin care hand sanitizer" was launched, which is rich in olive oil essence, which can make the skin of hands clean and smooth. The product packaging is also based on environmentally-friendly large glass bottles. The newly shaped bathroom decoration concept meets the requirements of sustainable development, and the environmental protection supplement pack is launched simultaneously.

(New packaging) Lavender Hand Cleansing Lotion 350ml, NT2,100

NEW Lavender Hand Cleansing Lotion Refill Pack 350ml, NT1,350

(New Packaging) Velvet Hand Lotion 350ml, NT2,200

NEW Velvet Hand Lotion Refill Pack 350ml, NT1 ,550

NEW Scrub Skin Care Hand Cleanser 350ml, NT2,100

NEW Scrub Skin Care Hand Cleanser Refill Pack 350ml, NT1,350


The newly upgraded "Shea Butter Hand Wash and Body Soap" pure natural vegetable soap base, no palm oil, uses 100% recycled plastic bottle body, except for the classic popular Shea Butter Lavender and Verbena Hand Wash and Body Soap. In addition to packages of different capacities, there are also limited-edition shea butter citrus and rosemary scents, giving you a full southern French style.

Shea Butter and Lavender Hand Wash and Body Soap, Shea Butter and Verbena Hand and Body Soap 300ml, NT880/500ml, NT1,280/Refill Pack 500ml, NT1,080

Shea Butter and Lavender Hand Wash and Body Soap, Shea Butter and Verbena Hand and Body Soap 300ml, NT880/500ml, NT1,280/Refill Pack 500ml, NT1,080

Shea Butter Lavender Hand Sanitizer contains Provence lavender essential oil and Shea Butter extract. It lingers in the elegant and charming scent of lavender, so that the body, mind, and soul can be completely relaxed. Shea verbena is a fresh and energetic verbena fragrance.

Limited two scents of Shea Butter citrus and Shea Butter rosemary. The top notes of the citrus floral scent have blood orange and verbena scents, blending the sweet scent of geranium and jasmine. After washing, the skin is delicate, smooth and not dry, and exudes fresh sweetness. Citrus fragrance; the latter blends rosemary, eucalyptus, and mint scents, leaving a silky and tender skin touch after use, and lingers in the fresh and refreshing fragrance of rosemary, which feels more pleasant.

In addition to the new upgrades of classic products, a new product, "Shea Butter Moisturizing Hand Cleansing Body Wash", has a gentle and moisturizing lotion texture that contains 5% shea butter and shea butter extract, which makes the skin moisturizing, soft and not dry after use , Effectively relieve dryness, tightness and discomfort; the fine and dense foam can gently cleanse the hands, showing a silky satin-like luster and tender skin touch, and exuding a pleasant and elegant shea scent between hands and feet.

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The Body Shop

The Body Shop also has a series of hand cleansing care products, with 7 different aromas and appeals, including Western Pear, Emperor Rose Skin Rejuvenation, Shea Butter Repair, Natural Tea Tree Purifying, Balkan SPA Juniper, Pink Grapefruit and Tahiti SPA pandan, etc.

Among them, the Western Pear Hand Wash is a limited product and Molly’s favorite one. The soap-free formula contains the meaning of Western Pear extract, natural honey, and fine and dense foam, which can gently cleanse and soften the skin of hands. Suitable for all skin types. After washing, the hands are tender and not dry, with a sweet and sweet scent of western pear.

The most classic tea tree from The Body Shop is also recommended, which contains Kenyan natural tea tree oil and glycerin, which can deeply purify the skin of the hands; and the shea butter, which is moisturizing, contains shea butter, natural honey and glycerin. Skin-beautifying ingredients, make your hands soft and not dry after washing, and exude the fragrance of stone fruit.

Tea Seed Hall

The "Horse Chestnut Moisturizing Hand Wash" from Cha Seed Church uses the oil-removing and cleansing properties of bitter tea glycosides, supplemented with bitter tea oil and wheat germ oil, which are rich in vitamin E and have a moisturizing effect. Horse chestnut extract softens and cleanses the skin.

Adding vetiver essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, and lavender essential oil can relax and soothe your hands with the fragrance while washing your hands. When your thoughts are upset, you can clean your hands and get comfortable and moisturizing when the water flows through your hands. Experience.

Aesop has two hand cleaning products:

Revitalizing Fragrance Hand Cleanser

The gentle formula contains essential oils of orange, citrus, rosemary and lavender, effectively cleansing hands without washing away the needed water. Low-foaming transparent gel texture, after washing, the skin feels very refreshing and clean, with fragrance of citrus, trees and herbs.

Premium Fragrance Hand Cleanser

The unique formula of Youxiang contains herbal plant extracts and finely ground pumice stone. The transparent gel texture with particles can effectively cleanse and exfoliate. Combining the fragrance of trees, soil and smoky flavors, it brings a smooth and refreshing feeling while cleansing hands.

Hand Wash Reference Price

L'Occitane Shea Butter Lavender Hand Wash Soap, Shea Butter Verbena Hand Wash Soap 300ml, NT880/500ml, NT1,280/Refill Pack 500ml, NT1,080

L’Occitane Shea Butter Citrus Hand Wash Soap, Cream Wooden Rosemary Hand Wash Soap 300ml, NT880 (Limited)

L’Occitane Shea Moisturizing Hand Wash 300ml, NT880/500ml, NT1,280/Refill Pack 500ml, NT1,080

The Body Shop Western Pear Hand Wash 275ml , NT420

The Body Shop Natural Tea Tree Purifying Hand Wash 275ml, NT520

The Body Shop Shea Butter Repairing Hand Wash 275ml, NT420

Tea Seed Don Horse Chestnut Moisturizing Hand Wash 330mL, NT420/Refill Pack 1L, NT1080

Aesop Revitalizing Aesop Hand Wash 500ml, NT1200

Aesop Premium Fragrance Hand Cleanser 500ml, NT1200

Disclaimer: The condition of skin care products after use will vary according to personal use method and skin condition, and please cooperate with the correct use method.