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One of the places we frequent is our home, and if the hygiene is poor, air pollutants, dust, mites, and germs pose a serious danger to our health. Even though the bedroom isn't particularly big, cleaning it is a big project. However, in comparison,cordless vacuum cleaner supplier it is much simpler if we are clear about the cleaning objectives.

1. Put the living room in order.

The ideal time to clean and mop the floor is before guests arrive since the living room is a frequented area. The top of the closet, the top of the door frame, the area beneath the bedside table, and other areas need special care when it comes to cleanliness.

2. Eliminate clothing mildew stains

We may apply edible mung bean sprouts to the moldy clothing, massage it in with our hands, wait for the mold to gradually disappear, and then rinse it off with water. What should I do if the red silk clothing has moldy spots? Brush it off gradually with a gentle brush.

3. Keep the restroom tidy

Cleaning in the restroom is concentrated on the sink and toilet that visitors will use. When cleaning rapidly, the emphasis should be on maintaining a dry, odor-free environment, clean toilets, shiny faucets, and mirrors. Additionally, it is preferable to conceal a change of underwear beneath the sink and place it in the basin.

3. Floor sweeping

What aspect of housekeeping is the most taxing? Since the air is dry and there have been two days without mopping, the floor feels on the gray side, and mopping is definitely needed in addition to just sweeping the corners. I'm here today to provide 1 tip for keeping the floor clean all week, so have a look. An electrostatic dust mop adheres extremely minute amounts of dust, animal hair, and human hair to the mop using the electrostatic principle.

Home may be thoroughly cleaned using electrostatic dust removal paper and ground friction, which create static electricity and can adsorb fine ash, lint, and hair.

It actually comes as a shock to me that an electrostatic dust mop can clean my house for the first time, including cleaning beneath the bed to remove dust and lint. It can even reach into tight spaces like the bottom of the bed.

Along with sweeping beneath the bed, you can also clean the ceiling of the wall, stick to the wall at your house, and remove floating dust, electrostatic dust, and paper adsorption from the air.

In addition, clip rags may be used for various purposes, like cleaning windows and mopping floors, as we already discussed.