bluetooth lte module

Ble Bluetooth module is specially made for IoT wireless data transmission. bluetooth lte moduleble Bluetooth module has been widely used in IoT Bluetooth devices with its ultra-low power consumption, fast connection, easy interaction, etc.

A, the classification of Bluetooth module

So, what kinds of Bluetooth modules are there? According to the general use to classify words can be simply divided into 3 categories.

Voice, audio SOC Bluetooth module: generally used to do speakers, headphones and other audio products

Voice and data composite SOC: can simultaneously transmit voice, audio, data

Simple data transmission class SOC: generally used to transmit close range, small data transmission (also known as transmissive Bluetooth module, BLE Bluetooth module, low-power Bluetooth module, etc.)

From the chip solution to the Bluetooth protocol, communication distance, operating frequency, functional characteristics, etc. are different.

E104-BT5010A Bluetooth module: nRF52810 program, early BLE5.0 module, other BLE5.0 module features are basically based on it to expand

E104-BT5011A Bluetooth module: nRF52811 program, BLE5.1 protocol (does not support AOA/AOD), support long range features

E104-BT5005A Bluetooth module: nRF52805 program, 9 * 9mm ultra-small size, high cost performance

E104-BT5032A Bluetooth module: nRF52832 program, support for up to 4 connections of multi-master multi-slave coexistence, support for 8 GPIO, 3 PWM

E104-BT5040U Bluetooth module: nRF52840 program, usb Dongle, factory firmware support PC version of nRF connet

E104-BT51 Bluetooth module: CC2640R2F program, slave module, support Bluetooth battery voltage detection service, support ADC analog acquisition, support IO level reading, output, support PWM

E104-BT51A Bluetooth module: CC2640R2L program, slave module, function is basically the same as E104-BT51 (some parameters have differences), compatible with E104-BT5010A series package

E104-BT52 Bluetooth module: DA14531 program, 14.5 * 10mm small size, support the maximum 2 connections of multi-master and multi-slave coexistence

Second, what are the characteristics of low-power Bluetooth module?

7 features of low-power Bluetooth module

Time delay: low-power Bluetooth supports connection setting and data transmission within 3 milliseconds. Therefore, in short burst communication, the application can establish a connection and transmit authenticated data within milliseconds, and then quickly disconnect.

Frequency hopping: Low-power Bluetooth uses the adaptive frequency hopping technology common to Bluetooth technology to minimize interference from other technologies in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The efficient multi-path advantage increases link budget and effective operating range while optimizing power consumption.

Distance: The increase in modulation index allows Low Power Bluetooth to reach a maximum distance of 100 meters or more.

Data transfer: Low-power Bluetooth supports very small packets (8 octets to 27 octets) at 1 Mbps. All connections use an advanced low power listening mode, resulting in ultra-low duty cycles and minimal power consumption.

Strong network security: Strong packet encryption and authentication using CCM's full AES-128 encryption technology ensures secure communications.

Stability: Low-power Bluetooth uses a robust 24-bit CRC on all packets to ensure optimal interference immunity.

Topology: BLE uses 32-bit access addresses on each packet of a slave device, allowing billions of devices to be connected. This technology is optimized for one-to-one connections, while a star topology will be used for one-to-many connections.

Third, how to choose a Bluetooth module?

the first thing to consider is the power consumption (power consumption is mainly determined by the transmission rate and distance).

Secondly, the transmission rate.

three to consider the transmission distance.

fourth is the choice of interface (Bluetooth module above the interface is divided into USB interface, digital IO port, serial interface, analog IO port, SPI programming and voice interface, etc.).

five is the mode of operation.

The last thing not to ignore is the brand and after-sales service. Chengdu Yibai special has been constantly improving technology research and development and improve the after-sales mechanism to better serve our customers.

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The previous BLE standards have been improved upon by the most recent Bluetooth protocol, Bluetooth 5. It still targets low-power applications but enhances the data throughput and range of BLE.

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Myth: Water is impassable to Bluetooth signals. They can, although not as effectively as they do when flying. The Bluetooth signals weaken dramatically when submerged in water. According to Todd Walker, the company's founder and CEO, "[It falls off with the square of the distance.

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An open wireless technology standard for data transmission over short distances is Bluetooth, which is a form of RF. For the purpose of transmitting data from device to device, radio waves at a specific frequency are used.