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Today's topic shared by Qingfeng is a small interior decoration company.

A few days ago a friend asked the payment gateways for woocommercewind, open a small home improvement company how to do, open what store good?

Generally speaking, ask such a question, is not yet into, is looking for the project, or has long been in the industry, but want to start their own business, such as my friend belongs to the latter, their own decoration industry for a few years, he is mainly for people to install doors and windows, and now want to open a small company business.

We first look at the general mode of operation of small renovation companies.

1, get orders, this step is generally by the salesman to pull customers, take orders back to the company, relatively small businesses, most or the boss himself in pulling customers.

2, after the salesman gets the order, the customer to the business, if there is a designer, it is the designer and the customer talk, talk together, the designer will go to the site to measure the engineering drawings. The small renovation company may be the designer is the boss himself, or the female boss as the designer.

3, later is to communicate with the customer design, modify the design.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

5、Negotiate the price, sign the contract, deduct the deposit.

6、Order to make various elements, and its site construction.

7, the completion of acceptance, deducting the balance, most will also leave a part of the quality deposit, half a year, 1 yearcnc machining rapid prototyping later to receive the full.

From the small renovation company's mode of operation, it can be seen that to do small renovation companies, the first to have their own skills (skills: design ability, appreciation, business level), followed by the need to have certain resources (assets, contacts), but also the location of the business is also very important. Since it is open small decoration company, certainly not very confident, or asset strength is not strong, want to first try the water level water shallow.

Here the wind speaks personal advice, the first time you start a business, you have to have the skills, in this field for a few more years, will be more understanding of the business inside. If you are starting your own business, it is vital that the source of customers, must first think well. And need to have customer channelss19 pro 110t and the ability to get customers, and then open a company. Then your probability of success will be much higher. It is best to think about the whole step of business: goods, customers, transactions and other major sections of the system to plan, and then act.

Never rent the store first without the ability to expand customers, the business opened, the next no customers, will make your probability of success is greatly reduced, both to combat confidence and loss of assets.