skin trauma

Massage is a relaxing and healthy thing, but massage people should also pay attention to the classification of oh, so you know who can not just massage? Let's take a look.

1. People suffering from an acute or rheumatoid arthritis of a different kind

There are also diseases such as osteoarthritis / osteodystrophy is not suitable for massage,hong kong nuru massage this disease is generally more middle-aged and older people, it is best not to do OH massage. Osteoarthritis / osteodystrophy should be avoided overly active, exercise well, massage will aggravate the condition. For example, septic arthritis, osteomyelitis and other patients are not suitable for massage, infectious disease patients as OH!

2. People with severe skin trauma

If the skin has serious trauma as well as hemorrhage patients, must not be suitable for massage. Massage is direct contact with the skin of my body, there is also a feeling of squeezing, when the skin is injured or bleeding, do not squeeze or touch. Hand bacteria can aggravate the symptoms of skin trauma in addition to being susceptible to infection. Skin diseases or localized skin damage are also not suitable for massage. If only a small piece of skin is damaged, massaging other parts is fine.

3. Menstruating or pregnant women

Women who usually have menstruation should be more erotic massage In addition to not eating indiscriminately, massage is not suitable for you. Both menstruating women and pregnant women are not suitable for massage. The abdomen and lower back are not suitable for massage, which will affect your health.

4. People with fever and cold

Some people can think that they have a fever and cold massage helps to sweat, and the symptoms will be reduced after sweating. But this research method has not been applied to each of us, especially for the elderly children with fever and cold, can not avoid blind massage Oh, otherwise students will have the possibility of aggravating the condition.

In addition to these groups are not suitable for massage, usually fasting or one hour after dinner friends are also not suitable for massage. In addition, no more than one hour after dinner will have massage discomfort, at least two hours after dinner to massage oh.