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There are many types of CNC equipment on the market, including CNC machining centers, CNC machine tools, milling machines, boring machines, etc., are often heard. It is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish between online credit card processingthese devices. For example, today's CNC machining centers. CNC machining center, still sounds quite high and feels expensive. CNC machining center itself is very costly, so the price is naturally high. And CNC machining center can automatically change tools, complete multiple processes, high processing efficiency and good processing results.

CNC machining parts for hand board models

What is CNC machining center?

CNC machining center combines the functions of CNC milling machine, CNC boring machine and CNC drilling machine in one, and is equipped with tool magazine system, which can realize automatic tool change, so it can realize multi-process machining.

Aluminum processing enterprise center is a kind of CNC system machine tool, no tool magazine prototype manufacturingis CNC milling machine, with tool magazine is called aluminum processing product center, also called CNC technology processing service center.

Bakelite CNC machining parts

CNC machining center can do what material?

CNC machining center is mainly used for processing precision parts, including aluminum, copper, steel, engineering plastics, insulation materials, etc. CNC machining center can realize most of the automatic machining processes such as drilling, milling, boring, spreading and stranding, and accurately and efficiently complete the automatic machining of various complex cams, templates, molds, arc grooves and other typical parts