It goes without saying that virtual Lok Ma Chau Spur line currency market sales are so fickle and unpredictable. Due to its absolute high degree of diversity, virtual currency rates can change unprecedentedly dramatically even within the space of one hour. However, in some cases, virtual currency market sales will follow certain trends.

For example, in the subconscious, work visa application hong kong people feel that Saturday is a day of rest. As a result, virtual currency regulations are lower on weekends. This is most likely the prime time for irreversible purchases of Bitcoin and all other virtual currency assets.

Charles Edwards, head of data create bitcoin account information investment management firm Capriole, found that Sunday night is the best time to buy bitcoin based on compiling recent information content. As the chart below shows, BTC has historically returned a bit more on Sunday night to Monday morning.

Bored late on a Sunday night? That's a prime time to buy BTC.
There are most likely several elements that make BTC's specific performance stronger towards the end of the weekend. To begin with, trading volumes are usually lower on weekends, which raises the chances that market sales will be higher on Monday and generate high variability.

Secondly, traditional market sales that facilitate trading in virtual currencies, such as the Chicagoland Exchange (CME), are closed on weekends. Therefore, when many people open prices again on Monday, it is highly likely that this will also lead to a spike in market sales variability. The low volume of virtual currency trading and the fact that the CME is closed are highly likely reasons why there is less trading on virtual currency exchanges over the weekend as traditional market sales are closed. When there are fewer cheerful professional traders in the market at the moment, market sales are easily hurt by price adjustments.

For example, on 25 and 26 July, the BTC/USDT trading pair on registered 40,000 BTC and 65,000 BTC respectively. Then, on July 27th, a Monday, the virtual currency trading volume suddenly rose to 150,000. Unprompted, the price of Bitcoin also elevated by 11%.

Unlike traditional assets, BTC can still be traded on the virtual currency exchange during weekend and holiday day periods. Instead, licensed and investors using Chicco try to wait until Monday's traditional market to sell new orders. As a result, there is usually a price comparison between the new market and the closing market when Chicagoland is closed on Monday. Thus, after a weekend, BTC usually develops a key price adjustment.