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Almost everyone is aware that renovation is a significant and time-consuming task. For young workers, the only way to save time and effort is to delegate to professionals. The balcony is one of the most decorated areas in our homes, and more and more people are decorating it in electric mop cordless electric spin mopunique ways. Installing a mop sink on the balcony is a popular option right now. But some argue that it is necessary, while others argue that it is not, so should the balcony be installed mop pool?

balcony for the mop pool installation?

1. Mop pool can directly pour dirty water, do not have to pour dirty water into the toilet, buy a good toilet at least thousands of dollars, later may be possible to install intelligent toilet, old to pour dirty water inside the old have to brush, glazed surface over time old brush will also be damaged.

2, clean the pool In addition to pouring dirty water, there is a function that allows you to wash and rinse items that are difficult to wash in the sink, such as shoes and foot mats, using a mop pool to directly wash these items that are not too clean.

3. not according to the mop pool also require a mop bucket, mop bucket covers an area similar to the mop pool area, but also cannot directly under the water, why not set a mop pool, than a mop bucket also looks good.

If the home area is still large enough, installing a mop pool is more reasonable, because the mop pool is usually installed on the balcony, but it can also be set in the washing machine next to the brick countertop. In this manner, we usually clean the mop, and after cleaning, it can also be dried in a timely manner.

the benefits of installing a mop pool.

1. Installing a mop pool on the balcony is a very good and convenient idea! So, in everyday life, best electric steam mopafter cleaning, you can place it directly on the balcony to dry, and bacteria will be reduced by the direct sunlight!

2. If we use a mop bucket design in the bathroom, we will have to carry the bucket everywhere every time we mop, not to mention the effort. If the floor is full of water stains, the floor tiles will not hurt, but if it is a solid wood floor, it is too bad. And mopping with a bucket of water is certainly inconvenient because each time you have to laboriously carry to carry to change the water. When you'll be sorry you didn't put the mop bucket on the balcony; 3.

3. If the balcony lacks a mop pool, cleaning must be done in the bathroom, which will result in water splashing everywhere! Will also pollute the bathroom environment, and hair problems are undesirable.

what are the balcony mop pool size specifications?

1. The conventional size is 330mm * 330mm * 400mm, floor mop pool in the length * width * height 460mm * 400mm * 520mm, the general family will choose the conventional size, the conventional size is easier to show a good decoration effect and the use of the effect.

2. The smallest home mop pool size is 400mm * 400mm * 400mm, while floor mop pools are typically 470mm * 410mm * 530mm in length * width * height.

Considerations for balcony decoration number four

1. Concerns about safety

Balcony decoration should prioritize safety because most residential balconies are not designed for load-bearing, typically no more than 400 kg per square meter, so when decorating the balcony, consider its load-bearing capacity. Decoration storage should not exceed its load capacity, and heavy furniture should be placed as sparingly as possible to avoid injury.

2. Design that is functional

Before beginning the renovation, we must first distinguish between the main balcony and the secondary balcony, as well as the function of each balcony. The main balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen or with the living room, the main bedroom outside the room, mainly for storage, drying, or as a electric mop vs steam mopstudy, the wall and ground decorative materials should be consistent with the living room; secondary balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen or with the living room, the main bedroom outside the room, mainly for storage, drying, or as a study, decoration can be simpler.

3. Material choice

Every day, the balcony will be in direct sunlight, and it is also a semi-open-air location. Long-term sunlight and rain baptism, balcony decoration precautions, the purchase of decoration materials focusing on quality, including good sun protection and anti-shower effect, particularly the installation of wooden cabinets on the balcony, focusing on the importance of quality, but also in the decoration of good protection measures. In other words, the selection of its decoration materials must focus on practicality while also focusing on protective measures to achieve the role of protection.

4 Pay special attention to waterproofing and drainage treatment.

Many families install taps on the balcony, placing the washing machine so that laundry can be dried directly after washing, or install a vegetable sink in the balcony when using the kitchen, which necessitates a good balcony floor waterproof layer and drainage system. Water accumulation and leakage will occur if the drainage and waterproofing treatment is inadequate.