global gateway credit card processing

Recently, have you often heard global gateway credit card processing about online consumption? Maybe you are already familiar with traditional POS card swiping, so today we will talk about online consumption.

Let's first talk about what is online payment. For example, our students usually shop online on Taobao,, Vipshop and other platforms, all of which belong to online payment.

And we usually use WeChat and Alipay, which are also online payments.

And offline payment like we go to the store to swipe the card, there is a personal ordering machine also belongs to offline payment.

Will online consumption affect my credit card limit?

The answer is definitely one that will not have an impact, but is beneficial to my country's credit cards.

In recent years, with the development of online payment, many banks have begun to supervise and control offline consumption. The offline limit of Guangdong Development Bank is a good example.

In fact, it's not hard to see if you go out with just your phone these days, who also takes famous movies out. So offline swiping will definitely go downhill, and fewer and fewer people will use it. Of course, banks will understand this too, so online spending is the future.

Since online consumption is the general trend, how to correctly conduct online consumption is also a skill.

Online payment can be said to be almost a real data transaction, and there is no false information transaction. In particular, more than 90% of WeChat, Alipay, code-scanning payment, and face-scanning payment are real transactions of enterprises, and the usage rate is relatively high in the daily learning and living environment.

1. Participate in online consumption activities of more big banks

Many online banks will reduce the consumption of red envelopes in an all-round way, grab online red envelopes, online coupons, and redeem red envelopes for online consumption. Participate as much as possible to improve the bank's own evaluation.

For example, Ping An Bank credit card JD.COM beauty 12% off.

2. Online multi-channel card swiping

Instead of managing stores and supermarkets, we can spend more on corporate catering and entertainment, and the credit card channels should be diversified.

First, the actual consumption is low

The second is to increase online payment to meet diversified consumer needs

3. Massive online credit card spending is essential

Frequent small-value transactions are not conducive to the classification of customers' consumption levels by banks, except for online large-value cards or banks that can make money. Therefore, proper large-amount online card swiping operation can avoid being controlled by bank risks and effectively improve personal qualifications.

4. Credit cards should account for the majority of online small-amount consumption, and small-amount loans do not refer to low amounts

The proportion of online small swipes should be the majority, but small does not mean low number, 200 to 1000 means small general.

In fact, from these small details, we can see that the so-called comprehensive evaluation model of credit cards by banks is also changing. So we want to increase the limit, we have to change our card method, those 80% old card methods are no longer practical.

So guys, if we're going to increase our pocket money, we're going to have to change the way we swipe our credit cards.