Practice in the steel industry chain

Internet finance is oriented to virtual space, based on historical data, it is easy to lead to subjective characteristics, increase identity confirmation, credit evaluation information asymmetry, loan companies can even use financial institutions and their own information asymmetry to prove information fraud, or in multiple lending institutions Get a loan. The Internet of Things enables the virtual economy to fully perceive the behavior of the real economy from the two dimensions of time and space, accurately predict the trend of the real economy, and enable the services and control of the virtual economy to be integrated into all aspects of the real economy, just like the fusion of flesh and blood. Promoting a new revolution in IoT finance loan computer(貸款計算機).

The narrow definition of Internet of Things finance refers to a new form of finance in which financial institutions use Internet of Things technology and information and communication technology to realize payment, capital integration, investment, asset management and information intermediary services. The essence of the Internet of Things finance is the third-rate financial form of physical flow, capital flow, and commercial flow, offline real event data, real-time, and reliable, thereby reducing the real economy and financial information asymmetry to the weakest, exploring the real economy model from information portraits, from Information asymmetry practices a new credit system.

The core of IoT finance is a new system that deeply integrates IoT technology and finance. Through the complete perception of the whole process of movable property, real-time and dynamic correspondence to the currency can fully control the financing risk of movable property; through the comprehensive real-time perception of the production process, potential risks such as mismanagement of enterprises can be effectively prevented; , realize the effective allocation of industrial chain funds, truly realize the three-stream integration of physical logistics, capital flow and business flow, help finance return to its origins under the premise of effectively controlling risks, and let funds move from virtual to reality Cards returned(還卡數).

In the steel industry chain, the practice of Internet of Things finance is inseparable from the support of banks. The traditional chattel financing loan needs to hire a third-party supervision company to supervise the pledge. In this business model, the quality and accuracy of supervision mainly depends on the management ability of the supervision company and on-site supervisors. Financing faces repeated mortgages, pledges, pledges, A series of risks such as pledge, supervision process, supervision moral hazard, and early warning. Secondly, for enterprises, the traditional movable property pledge requires the transfer of the enterprise's assets to the tripartite warehouse trusted by the bank, which will increase the logistics expenditure of the enterprise and increase the inconvenience of operation. The application of the new technology of the Internet of Things provides banks with solutions to solve the above problems, effectively endows chattels with real estate attributes, and revitalizes bank chattels financing. At present, relevant banks have used IoT sensing IoT sensing equipment and IoT financial digital economy platforms to promote the intelligent upgrade of enterprise production space and storage space in trade distribution centers and industrial agglomerations, using sensor cards, sensor videos, sensor trays, etc. IoT products and technologies give real estate attributes of movable properties, realize the real identification of movable properties and blockchain management, and enable participants in the steel industry chain to fully perceive and monitor the status and changes of movable properties from two dimensions of time and space whatsminer m30s++ for sale.

Solving problems such as information asymmetry, inadequate supervision, and imperfect integrity system is the core of the steel industry chain. IoT finance takes IoT technology as the core, deeply integrates technologies such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence to form a credible and secure IoT financial technology system. The comprehensive application of the Internet of Things financial technology in the steel industry, the use of the Internet of Things financial technology, comprehensively promote the reform of the steel industry chain, break through the bottleneck of the steel industry chain from the macro level, and fundamentally solve the core problems such as information asymmetry and weak supervision, including the steel industry. The core problems such as the imperfect physical manufacturing system in China.