Baby "high chair" and "foldable stroller" to buy safety standards.

1, the baby will lie down anywhere need to have a wide base,Combi High Chair easy to maintain the stability of machinery and equipment to reduce the probability of tilting and tipping.

2, to ensure that the high chair or foldable stroller above a reliable safety belt. Fasten the safety belt to avoid the child fall or drill out.

3. Keep folding the stroller a few times and put it into the folding part to see if it is easy to put into the car luggage.

4, for maintaining the high chair or foldable stroller in the open situation of the equipment device, please ensure that it can be safely fastened when using.

5, ensure that all surfaces are smooth and non-toxic, all door hinges, latches and other components are working all right, and the baby's hands and fingers do not touch such parts.

6, to ensure that the wheels of the foldable stroller is strong, the rear tires with shock-absorbing equipment.