Would you like to enjoy a fantastically artistic makeup look with white mascara? If you take the plunge, you might be able to become a pure and lovely woman like a fairy. In this article, we will discuss how to use white mascara, makeup techniques, and other tips and tricks that even beginners can use to easily challenge it. We will introduce you to the full range of products we recommend. Get into a world of fairy tales with white makeup.

Just like a snow fairy. The ephemeral "white mascara" is hot right now!

If you want to create an unusual and ephemeral atmosphere, I highly recommend the white mascara for a big-eye effect! An absorbing white color accentuates the color of the eye shadow with a mysterious and striking look. And it will lead you to. Perfect for point-of-use! The most popular white make-up among models, you can change into the light pigmented girl of your dreams! Would you like to try it?

What to do when using white mascara

White mascara tends to show lumps more easily than black, and it's difficult to balance makeup. But just keep these three tips in mind before you use it and you'll be fine!

Too much mascara solution is the cause of lumps! To maintain a beautiful finish for a long time, we divided the lashes into three stages: root, middle and tip. Curl upward firmly with the burler beforehand, and then apply mascara from the center of the mascara that has been removed from the tissue. Make sure to carefully apply the mascara one by one, swaying it from side to side. Also, when using white mascara, use less eyeshadow and blush to draw the eye to your lashes. This is a good idea. We recommend using the same color to balance out the overall look.

How to use this product: Enjoy the different impressions by the way you apply it!

One of the great charms of white mascara is that you can enjoy various expressions depending on how you use it. Here we will introduce the recommended ways to use white mascara that even beginners can easily try. Change your usual mascara to white to get the most advanced and loved face!

It's easy for a beginner to try out "just the corner of the eye"!

If you're a beginner, I recommend putting it on the corners of your eyes only! After applying black mascara all over, apply a layer of white mascara from the outer edge of the eye to the corner of the eye. Use as a point of reference to blend in naturally with the flashy colors and create a subtle glamorous look around the eyes. You can do that with this. Try it out for a girls' night out or for any other occasion where you want to make a bit of a difference.

Apply to the lower lashes for a relaxed look.

If you want to enjoy using white mascara in a bolder way than at the corner of your eyes, then applying it to your lower lashes is the way to go. By using different colors of mascara on the top and bottom, you can create a moderately relaxed look and make your tear ducts look fuller. You can create a more colorful and impressive eye area by using this product. Even adult women who don't want to show off their flashy look can feel at ease with this. Try adopting a casual white makeup in an adult way!

Create a trendy face by painting on top and bottom

liquid paraffin & white soft paraffin 50 50邊度買

For events and parties where people gather together, you can paint up and down in a flamboyant way to stand out from the crowd. Let's get it on! Gorgeous eyes clad in white color make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and even your expression shines brighter. Everyone will surely fall in love with the fragile figure. Choose pale colors like pink and gold for eyeshadow for an ennui of color. Exude.

[4 Recommendations] Enchanting white mascara that will make you fall under the spell of the snow

Are you getting more and more fascinated with white mascara? Here is a selection of fascinating recommendations that will lead you to the snow spirit. Find your favorite one and elevate your fashion sense even more!

One coat of paint and you are transformed into a snow fairy!

Colored Mascara Whip (white)

One coat is all it takes! Water-resistant film-equipped mascara for all lashes. The gently fitting curved brush provides intense color and a pure white color like whipped cream. It can be maintained for a long time. It is also attractive because it is sweat and water resistant and waterproof, so it is hard to bleed and can be easily removed with hot water. This is a popular product used by cosplayers and make-up artists, so don't miss this opportunity to try it out.

Eyelash extensions OK!

Colored Mascara (Snow White)

White mascara for mature women, made possible by a professional colorist. Combines two types of long and short fibers with high drying properties to give your eyes volume and subtle nuance. plus. It's a quick and easy way to get your eye makeup done, even when you're short on time! In addition, the water is lavishly enriched with 14 different beauty ingredients that are gentle on the lashes and do not bleed. The waterproof formula is also very attractive. The faint floral scent will soothe you while you enjoy your color makeup.

Try a sexy make-up with white mascara!

Finally, here's a sexy makeup look with white mascara. All the key points to keep in mind are easy! You'll be cute in an instant, so make sure you master it and make everyone around you fall in love with it!

The nuances of mascara

For those who don't want to show off too much color or those who don't want to look too flashy, we recommend you to use your mascara and W Usage. Layering white mascara on top of the basic mascara you normally use makes the color look bad. You can create just the right amount of nuance without any problems. If you become adept at using it, you can add a gradation to your lashes to make them look even better. Cute! Combine with brown or coral eyeshadow and blush for a slightly urban look. Let it brew.