Lubricant, you may not use it once, right

The psychology department of Queen's University in Canada conducted a survey on the use and causes of lubricants for 424 women. In the survey with multiple reasons, 74% of women chose the reason of "improving their feelings", and 57% of women used lubricating fluid to "improve each other's feelings". In addition, "help effective access" is also the reason why 64% of women choose lubricants.

In sexual relations, lubrication is a necessary condition for happiness and another form of beauty.

"What do you not understand about lubricants?"

The first is to reduce pain. When girls are not aroused,Lubricant(潤滑劑), stressed and physically tired, girls can not produce enough natural love liquid, which will cause pain and even injury. The use of lubricating fluid can be effective and smooth.

Secondly, the use of lubricating fluid can reduce friction and make the interaction process more lasting. Make good use of lubrication and have more fun. Why can't you get in with lubricant? The interior of YD is tightly surrounded by muscles, which are lubricated enough ≠ the muscles are relaxed enough. At this time, you need to be patient, do a foreplay and enter slowly. Can the lubricant be used with condoms / toys? According to the composition, lubricants are usually divided into three categories: water-based, oil-based and silicon-based. As oil-based lubricants will dissolve condoms and are easy to infect, they have basically withdrawn from the market. Silicone based lubricant is relatively waterproof. The main component is silicone. Because the components are similar, please don't use it with fun toys made of silicone at the same time.

Durex lubricants are water-based, soluble and easy to clean. They can be used together with latex condoms. Can lubricants infect girls? Is it harmful? The private parts of girls are weakly acidic, and the pH value of lubricating fluid is 5-7, which is consistent with YD environment and safe. Can boys use it? Of course, the correct way to use it is to suggest that both sides apply it. Can lubricants pass airport security? According to the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, passengers on domestic flights can carry less than 100ml of liquid, gel and spray on the aircraft (bottle packaging ≤ 100ml), and should be placed in a separate bag for bottle opening inspection.