Philips automatic coffee machine evaluation

Coffee, the word sounds like xiaozi. I wonder if people who like to go to coffee shops enjoy the ritual of brewing coffee, as well as the pleasure and satisfaction brought by freshly ground coffee. automatic coffee machine For a small capital sentiment is very fanatical, and rely on coffee life of white-collar, if every day to buy a cup of dozens of dollars of star dad, a year down is really a lot of expenditure.

But there are a lot of different types of home coffee machines on the market right now. After referring to the recommendations of many "coffee lovers", I decided to buy a fully automatic Philips coffee machine for the office. The machine is said to be horizontally online compared to similar price points, but it also produces a moderate amount of ground powder, a flavorful brew, and a pre-appointment and optional Settings.

The first time they saw this coffee machine, they were attracted by its elegant appearance. First of all, no matter where it is placed in the office, it does not take up space. For the office building of gold, this design is too heart.

In this face-watching society, people always have a particularly high standard of appearance. From a design point of view, this coffee machine looks very versatile. Elegant piano black with warm dazzling red, low-key introverted and Fully automatic coffee machine. Because every design is high standard, so even if only as a home decoration, also can pull up all kinds of style decoration.

It is said that the cost performance of this American coffee machine is excellent. Below, we will evaluate the coffee machine from its grinding double-slot design, fresh grinding, arbitrary adjustment, automatic cleaning, etc., to see whether it has the legendary magic?

1. Double bean tank design

A typical coffee machine can grind only one flavor of coffee bean at a time. But The Philips coffee machine is a two-bean tank designed to hold two different varieties of coffee beans at the same time, and the blending and grinding technology can give you the flavor you want. For those who prefer a single taste, choose a coffee bean to be ground separately. Like to taste different levels of flavor, just need to mix and grind two kinds of coffee beans.

Whether the ground coffee beans are fine or not affects the taste of the coffee. The coffee is delicate and silty, and the finished product is rich and rich. The granule is coarser and the coffee is smooth. The Philips coffee machine has three grinding Settings, which are very fine, moderate and very thick, but you can also choose according to your preferences, using the thickness of the rotating button, there are nine grinding Settings.

2. Freshly ground coffee

Regular coffee drinkers know that 50% of the aroma evaporates within 15 minutes of the beans being ground. Because fresh coffee beans contain a variety of aromas that are released layer by layer as they are ground. At the same time, the ground surface area of coffee beans will increase, which will be wet oxidation, if not immediately boiled can lead to loss of flavor.

We can't find a better way to keep the ground coffee fresh for a long time. Instant coffee, on the other hand, is mostly industrially processed, with more or less some additives in it, and the taste is almost the same. That's why white-collar workers in pursuit of xiaozi like to taste freshly ground coffee.

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