Are there any certificates that nurses think are useless, but they are actually very valuable?

The various certificates on the market now dazzle nurses. They want to learn something and get a certificate to improve themselves, but they don’t know which one to choose. While being dazzled, they also miss many certificates with high value.

Medical English

Medical English Test System (METS), METS test standards are established based on the actual work needs of hospitals in my country,doctor of nursing practice programme in asia focusing on testing candidates' ability to learn and work proficiently in professional language in a medical environment.

METS certificates are divided into four levels, Level 1 is the initial level and Level 4 is the most advanced level. METS certificates from Level 1 to Level 4 respectively correspond to the four levels of technical secondary school, higher vocational college, undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels.

The Talent Exchange Service Center of the National Health and Family Planning Commission recommended in the "Letter on Strengthening the Construction of Professional English Capacity of Medical and Health Talents": "Medical and health institutions should use the medical English proficiency test scores and certificates as the basis for recruiting new personnel and selecting medical personnel to go abroad.masters in nursing programme in asia One of the important conditions. "The Medical English Proficiency Test is of great help to nurses' employment.


IELTS, the full name is International English Language Testing System, tests language application ability from the four dimensions of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is used by more than 140 countries and regions, more than 11,000 educational institutions, employers, Recognized by professional associations and government agencies.

Even if you don’t plan to go abroad for the time being, nearly 300 universities in China use IELTS as an English proficiency assessment standard for admission screening, credit replacement, scholarship application, etc. Many enterprises and institutions also require IELTS scores as proof of English proficiency when recruiting.

The IELTS test often involves some scenes that actually happen in daily life in foreign countries, which helps nurses understand foreign culture and some differences in ways of thinking. If they meet foreign patients in the hospital, language communication will be easier. In addition, it is easier to review literature, write papers, and translate foreign texts; it is easier to obtain opportunities for hospitals to study abroad and communicate; job promotions and interviews in tertiary hospitals/foreign-funded hospitals have stronger competitive advantages than other nurses.

Whether it is academic qualification improvement, better employment, or even promotion and interviews at foreign hospitals, IELTS scores can be of great help.

BLS International First Aid Certificate

BLS is the kind of certificate that doesn't seem to be of much use, but when it is really used, it is very important.

This is a certificate issued by the American Heart Association (AHA). It is used in many countries around the world and is helpful for immigration, studying abroad, and working in foreign-funded hospitals.

More and more hospitals have emphasized BLS as a basic skill for nurses to enter the workforce. Not only the medical staff in ICUs, emergency departments, and emergency rooms who have a lot of experience in emergency care are required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED (automated external defibrillator) defibrillation. Once these basic life support technologies are used with ease, even administrative and logistical personnel will have clear requirements for this skill.

RN certificate

The examination content of NCLEX-RN (Registered Nurse Licensure Examination) is formulated based on the knowledge and abilities that new graduates of American nursing schools should have. It is divided into two parts: nursing theory and clinical, including the five traditional fields of nursing work, namely internal medicine. , surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics and psychiatry, a comprehensive examination is adopted instead of a separate examination for each subject.

The value of this certificate can also be seen through the examination content. The issuing authority is the American Joint Commission of Nursing Boards, so it goes without saying that it is authoritative.

The RN certificate has been ignored by domestic nurses. Many nurses have taken the ISPN exam, thinking that it is a certificate required to work in the United States and is useless for working in China. In fact, it is not.

The RN certificate can be regarded as "one certificate for two uses". It can not only be used for working abroad, but also has high value and recognition in China.