I believe that everyone must be very familiar with credit cards. Although there are many people who apply for credit cards, there are very few people who actually know how to use credit cards.

In fact, there are many taboos that we need to pay attention to when using credit cards. Because sometimes a very inconspicuous mistake may cause your credit card to be blocked and the limit reduced.

Therefore, improper use of credit cards must be avoided. If you don’t want to become what everyone calls a “card slave”,min pay then you must be able to identify these traps and know how to use credit cards correctly.

1. Number of credit cards

Some people will go crazy to apply for credit cards just to get enough credit. Although credit cards can indeed provide convenience in our lives,ofw quick cash loan online it does not mean that the more credit cards the better.

On the contrary, if there are too many credit cards,debt consolidation it may affect our credit report and liabilities to a certain extent.

Because a person's energy is actually limited, no one can guarantee that he can manage his credit card in all aspects. Therefore, it is actually very undesirable to apply for credit cards excessively.

2. Credit card overdraft

Many people apply for credit cards just to spend money in advance. However, the advance consumption mentioned here refers to reasonable consumption rather than blind consumption.

There are many people who are very happy when swiping their credit cards, and keep "swiping, swiping, swiping". When they see the credit card bill, they are dumbfounded, because many people consume more than they can repay, which leads to Consumption overdraft.

Some people even end up overdue due to their inability to repay their loans.

3. Credit card installment

There are many credit card users who more or less handle the bank's credit card installment business. In fact, you need to bear a certain installment fee when applying for installment. Many cardholders may not know this.

Generally speaking, if the annual fee for credit card installment business is converted into an actual annual interest rate, it can be as high as 13% or more.

Therefore, when you want to apply for a credit card installment plan, you’d better do some calculations first to see if it’s worth it for you to make the installment plan yourself!

4. Blindly pursue high-limit credit cards

For cardholders, high-limit credit cards are still very beneficial, because they can make their purchases more freely.

In fact, excessive use of credit cards to increase credit limit is not a good thing, because when the credit card limit is high, cardholders will have no restraint when spending, so it is easy to have huge bills.

Therefore, when increasing the limit, cardholders should consider their own circumstances and do not blindly increase the limit.

5. Overdue credit card

This wrong behavior can actually be said to be a commonplace thing. And this item is actually the point that should not be violated when using a credit card.

Because as long as the credit card is overdue, it will affect your personal credit report and there will be stains on your personal credit record.

Moreover, if you want to apply for a loan from a bank in the future, you may also be "blocked". Everyone should pay special attention to this last taboo on credit cards.

Although credit cards appear to facilitate everyone's life, cardholders often become "card slaves" due to some wrong behaviors.

Therefore, when using credit cards, everyone must avoid falling into traps that may cause unnecessary trouble to themselves.