Tracy Maguire remembers the moment she saw the doctor insert a swab into the nose of a three-week-old baby to test for coronavirus.

The new mother said it was one of the "worst things" she had ever seen.

She said: "This is the first time I saw my child crying." "I hugged her, I was crying, we just wanted to get along with each other through this situation."

Payton's baby was only 3 pounds and 5 ounces (1.5 kilograms) at birth. He was born prematurely and was diagnosed with Covid-19 only three weeks old.

She arrived on March 26, eight weeks ahead of the original date, which violated all the family's plans.

Despite feeling healthy, Tracy was informed that she might have pre-eclampsia during a routine appointment and was taken directly to Wishaw General Hospital in Lanarkshire.


In the first few weeks after Peyton took a bath in the ward, she began to show the slightest symptoms-smelling her nose and coughing, almost imperceptible.

Tracy said: "They said, 'She's fine, don't panic-but her coronavirus test is positive."

"I think the doctor tried to keep me calm, but I was crying.

"Although she is fine, when do I think she was infected with the virus? How will she fight against it when she is so tired? This is just unknown."

In the days following the diagnosis, Payton was given steroids to help strengthen her lungs and received "amazing" care from the newborn nurse.

However, after recovering from a cesarean section, Tracey was told that she had to go home and be separated from the baby for 14 days.

She said: "I'm on the phone with the doctor, saying that I don't want to leave her.

"Just like everyone is taking care of her, I am her mother. Even if the weather is very cold, I want to be with her."

The doctor gave in and allowed Tracy to stay-but Adrian had to go home and complete the isolation period to see his baby girl.

Over time, the number of deaths caused by the virus in Scotland continued to increase-but Payton recovered.

She and Tracey were discharged on Monday, while Adrian is now in detention for the first time since being discharged.

Tracy said: "From Adrian's point of view, I think he felt a little useless-firstly his children came early, and secondly his wife was in poor health and could not be there.

Today, Tracy and her family returned home and settled down. They praised the family and praised the doctors and nurses of Wishaw General, who led them through the awesome and difficult years.

Tracy said: "The work they do is unreal-they risk their lives to ensure that my baby is fed and holding his full personal protective equipment.

"This is really spectacular. You will never understand the gratitude to people. Payton is my most precious thing in the world, and I believe they will take care of her.

"For any worried mother, please trust these nurses."

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