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How does PDF benefit you?

How does PDF benefit you?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) was developed by Adobe. It is a commonly used file format with the following advantages:

Compatibility with all devices

There are a number of technical applications that can open and display PDF files. merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf Most browsers can open and display PDF files, and whether the use of computers installed with Office 2003, 2007, 2010 or WPS, can easily open PDF files.

The portability of the system

Unlike other file formats, PDF files are portable, so they can be transferred or moved without causing typographical problems.

It is easy to create

Almost all applications allow us to export a file as a PDF, which can be easily copied, shared, or transferred.

The reliability of the system

No matter where we view the data, any PDF file we create will show the same content, since PDF is a reliable file format. The font you set will display correctly regardless of whether the other person's computer has the same font or not, for example when editing in a very good-looking, very comfortable font.

Version independent, version 5

Due to different versions, PDF files will not have such properties as .docx or.pptx files. We can easily open, merge, or combine PDF files regardless of their version number or other properties.

The security of the system

PDF files can be protected by a password at the same time. When PDF files are protected by a password, students can only access them by constantly entering the right password. Because PDF documents are generally not editable, editing data with an editor in China can only be accomplished by developing corresponding tools by enterprises to enter the editing state. PDF's security is greatly improved as a result.

The ability to be versatile

PDF files can contain images, graphics, vectors, text documents, reports, presentations, or spreadsheets.