What color do you like? Blue is wonderful in refreshing colors, isn't it? This time, we propose a method to incorporate blue color into everyday life. If you read it, you will surely fall in love with blue color. Add a little accent to your nails, fashion and accessories.

Blue to add a little to everyday

What color do you like?

Blue is refreshing and attractive, isn't it?

This time I will show you how to incorporate blue color.




Various items appear in three categories♡

You may also fall in love with blue color.

1 | Blue to the nail that makes you feel better

When the nail is cute, the tension rises, doesn't it?

I also love nails, and when I can't go to the salon, I do gel nails myself♡

Now, first, let's incorporate blue color into the nail.

Nails in refreshing colors.

It is simple in one color, but it is ♩ accent when the color is changed by the finger.

Blue color is a cool impression that catches the eye suddenly.

2 | Next time, let's go out and incorporate blue into the code.

There are items of a thin blue, a dark blue, and various shades.

It's up to you where you take it!

Let's add a little accent to corde♡

3 | Blue even for small items

I also incorporate blue into small items.

The color of the nail and the mug is linked and it is wonderful♡

The cool color may heal your heart.

Incorporate blue into your smartphone case.

Because it is a small item, it might be good even if it is a little assertive design♡

If you always tend to choose safe colors, please give it a try.

Ice blue heart is lovely, vintage feeling ring♡

Accessories are important for girls who enjoy fashion, aren't they?

Try adding an accent with a gorgeous blue color.

♡ the magic of blue everyday

How was it?

You should also be worried about blue items.

Please try to copy how to take in your choice immediately♡

Thank you for reading to the end.