High-value homes don't have curtains anymore! You made the right choice. It was awesome!

Compared with traditional Chinese fabric curtains, more and more people have begun to choose shutters, wooden blindwhich can be seen from the case that we need many corporate users.

Compared with the double rope + rotating rod that suffocated me at that time, today's shutters are generally improved bead type, side up and side down, and it is no longer so troublesome to use.

So I started a full investigation, and in the process, window blindsI not only gained a new understanding of it, but I was completely groomed! Because it's so beautiful now!

This article is to share the advantages and disadvantages of lower blinds, I know many people are concerned about the issue of falling ash, I have an answer at the end of the article. venetian blindBefore considering whether to install friends, be sure to see the bottom!

Blinds have three advantages

Today's polymer PVC, aluminum-magnesium alloy materials have changed the fragile image of soft sleeping chairs in the past, and are more malleable and not easy to damage. Compared with cloth curtains, the appearance level is high and durable.

Small space installation more delicate

Generally, the space development of the second bedroom and study in the home is smaller than a small window, and the direct installation of the cloth curtain on the floor is obvious. But if the curtain goes through the air, it wrinkles and looks cheap.

The exquisite shape of the shutter completely makes up for the defects of the curtain, and immediately doubles the texture of the space.

Large space installation shows advanced

It is now fashionable to install only one layer of white gauze curtains in the living room, rather than the traditional heavy shade.

Because we need to understand: the living room is used for activities, a layer of white gauze both to ensure privacy, but also let the sun fully sprinkled in.

However, this requires that your home is not on the first floor, and the distance between the building and the building cannot be very close, otherwise it is just a layer of white yarn. At night, people in the house can see clearly, and privacy is not guaranteed.

Compared with white blinds and white yarn, the appearance level is not reduced, but also can flexibly adjust the amount of shading and shielding height, privacy and security issues can be completely free from worry.

Of course, if you don't want to give up the white gauze, you can also close the Windows with blinds and use white gauze indoors, which will have more layers of feeling.

Of course, you can also directly choose vertical louvers, because vertical louvers are perpendicular to the ground, it looks like the fold of the gauze curtain, which will invisibly raise the height of the high floor, but you can adjust the Angle to determine the transmission ratio.

White gauze on the left and vertical louvers on the right

But its space form is very challenging, too black floor or large apartment, the more open the space, the more atmospheric the effect. If you have a large floor-to-ceiling window, install vertical shutters.

Vertical shutters are mainly made of aluminum alloy and waterproof cloth. The choice of fabric is not only lighter and more flexible, but also easier to clean.

The style is very versatile

The two points we talked about before are all examples of white shutters, because China as a student research background, the more simple it is the more advanced, so even if China now has a lot of colorful shutters, I still recommend that you choose white.

However, if you must have some stylized blinds, try pairing them with textured wood blinds.

At present, most of the wooden blinds on the market are basswood material, which has the texture of wood grain, which can echo well with wooden furniture, and is also very tough and not easy to deform.

Choose wood blinds in log colors, which have retro, Chinese, and Japanese styles. At this time, the appearance value is aluminum alloy and PVC can not be replaced.

Moreover, compared with PVC and aluminum alloy materials that are more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, wooden shutters make the shading effect of the bedroom better, and the dark color is more conducive to creating a sleep atmosphere.

Wooden louvers with color will not lose the texture of life.

For example, in a space dominated by black, white, and gray, it's easy to get cheap if the soft and hard materials aren't in place. Aluminum blinds will have a strong plastic feel compared to wood, but choosing wood blinds will allow the details to stand up to inspection.

An alternative to traditional shutters

The leaves of traditional louvers fall easily into dust and need to be cleaned up quickly in dusty cities, but there are alternatives that are easier to clean up than bare leaves.

Shangri-la curtain

Shangri-la curtains, also known as "soft gauze curtains", look like blinds, but are actually made entirely of soft polyester fiber + yarn, it is so soft that it is installed on the window like a mist.

Its biggest advantage is that it does not require one cleaning blade after another. As long as you are diligent, you can dust off the outside with a feather duster every 1-2 weeks.

Regarding its shading, you can choose semi-shading and high shading, but in our bedroom, its shading technology is far less dense than the traditional Chinese use of shutters, and light-sensitive people are not to be installed in a bedroom.

In the living room, study, children's room and other rooms that need lighting, the effect of Shangri-la curtains is worth installing.

Honeycomb curtain

Honeycomb curtains are also visually very similar to blinds, but have completely different characteristics.

The side section is particularly like a honeycomb, and the hollow can store air, so the sound insulation effect is particularly good.

And a day and night honeycomb curtain. The upper layer is white soft yarn, and the lower layer is full blackout non-woven fabric.

Through the operation of the rope during the day, we can let some students of the non-woven fabric to push down, pull up at night to block the light, and the bedroom is completely unavailable.

Another benefit of honeycomb curtains is that it solves the awkward problem of not being able to install blinds inside Windows.

It can be flexibly installed in the window frame, where you want to cover it.

Can only be installed in the bathroom, or carefully selected, because it is a non-woven material, although the business said that it can be waterproof, but definitely not aluminum alloy louvers durable.

Built-in shutter

The inner shutter is to put the blade between the two layers of glass in the window, do not worry about ash, water vapor, oil and other problems, it can be said that all the shortcomings of the traditional shutter are completely avoided.

There are magnetic buttons on both sides of the window frame, and we can adjust the enterprise Angle analysis and opening scale in time only by pulling.

However, due to the high cost, compared with 100-200 yuan/square meter of aluminum alloy shutters, the built-in shutters are 400 yuan/square meter, slightly better than 1000 yuan/square meter, directly dissuading the vast majority of people.

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