For many of us, Netflix's Tiger King: Murder, Chaos, and Madness has distracted us because we spent the past few weeks at home more time. The documentary series follows a series of characters that love big cats and the various misleading ways they promote for big cats, and is the perfect storm for country music, meth, cults and small animals. I cannot recommend it.

But now, let's set aside other things because I want to focus on fashion. Specifically, I ’d like to take a look at the clothing choices of Florida ’s animal advocate Carole Baskin, who is the enemy of the tiger king in nominal terms and owner of the Oklahoma Zoo. Polygamy and Joe Exotic, a former country singer. Exotic claims that Baskin was the victim of the disappearance of her millionaire husband, a 22-year-old man who disappeared without a trace in the 1990s (she has not been charged with a crime and has denied any wrongdoing).

She is the CEO of Big Cat Rescue Company (Tampa), a sanctuary that specializes in protecting exotic cats. She wears almost only cat patterns-her closet, we Will visit among them-leopard spots and tiger stripes everywhere:


Leopard is printed on her suitcase, as are her shoes:


Aside from what she calls a "uniform," her favorite accessory is Corolla, which she wears casually on her long blond hair:

I find this effect to be amazing. The whole aesthetic is a bit like when you only shop at the zoo gift shop, who knows, maybe she will. (The only thing that breaks the fantasy of the zoo goddess is her huge rose gold apple watch, which can be seen in the vivid image of this story.)

Although Baskin is certainly the person who is most fascinated by this style of dress, animal patterns are common in Tiger King. Everywhere: From a former drug dealer turned into an exotic animal collector, he wears a graphic T-shirt with a little tiger