Commuting, traveling, shopping, etc. Fashionable and functional nylon bag

"Nylon bag" that is lightweight and easy to carry. ♪ Nylon bag that is safe even on rainy days is a reassuring item that will be useful every day, such as when you commute to work, travel, shop, or take home your cleaned clothes.

Introducing nylon bags that are popular with adult women for each of the three types: tote bag, eco bag, and backpack.

Popular nylon bag catalog

Nylon tote bag that looks good on adults

It is a popular bag brand, Anero's tote bag. A tote bag that is easy to use in any situation and easy to coordinate, and is recommended for everyday use. It's a size that fits an A4 size, and can be used for commuting. With a zipper, I'm happy that the inside of the bag is hard to get wet even on rainy days.

The famous French brand Herve Chapelier, famous for its boat-shaped tote bag. Using lightweight and durable nylon, it is attractive because it can be used without worrying too much about dirt and rain. The gusset on the bottom is square, so it's compact but can be fully stored. There is a pocket inside, making it perfect for ease of use.

For those who value functionality, we recommend this Rooted nylon bag. It is a size that can carry A4 size documents, etc., and the outside has a water repellent finish that can be wiped quickly even if it gets wet. With this neat appearance, there are actually 8 pockets! Like the kangaroo's belly, it was named "root tote" because it can be stored more than it looks. It can be used in 2 ways by attaching an optional shoulder.

A simple tote bag that is perfect for coordinating and commuting. With a zipper and side pockets, not only can you store plenty of luggage, but you can also store it separately.

A classic nylon tote, Longchamp. This is also a bag brand from France that is very popular. Its clean and sophisticated design and ease of use keep its popularity. Leather is used for the shoulder part and nylon is used for the body part. With a zipper, you can open it when you load or unload your luggage. You can also fold it compactly and carry it, so it's good to keep it as a sub bag.

Folding and convenient eco bag

The shopping bag will be charged and the "eco bag" will be useful even for a little shopping. The foldable eco-bag is always handy if you keep it in your carrying bag. Manna's eco bag "Shupatto" is perfect for those who have trouble folding an eco bag... When you pull both ends, you can fold it as "Suppa!"

It comes with fashionable purveyors, Dean & Deluca eco bags and gussets, so you can store bulky items such as vegetables and drinks. When not in use, it can be folded and carried compactly. The bag itself is lightweight, but the load capacity is about 10 kg! You can put plenty of luggage in with confidence.

For eco bags that have been used more often, I want to choose something that excites my heart! There are many people who think that. This is a standard eco bag from Marimekko, a popular Scandinavian brand. With a cute pattern, you will feel better every time you use it ♪ You can fold it when not in use and store it compactly in the attached pouch.

Large capacity ◎ nylon backpack

A backpack that can hold both hands is useful in various situations such as commuting, shopping, riding a bicycle, and going out with children. If you choose a nylon backpack, we recommend that you be less worried about sudden rain or dirt.

Let's use nylon bag fashionably

Nylon bags that are often used in everyday situations. Introduced in 3 categories: tote bag, eco bag and backpack. Please find a nylon bag that suits you depending on your lifestyle and the amount of luggage, and as a coordinate item.