What I really admire is a beautiful person even at close range ...

Don't miss all the beautiful people even if you look closely ... What I really admire is a person who is beautiful even at close range.

It is skin care and thorough hair care that make "beautiful even if you look at it nearby". The first is to make beauty a habit.

■ Easy to use / catch your eye to make it a habit

It's best to make it a habit to stay beautiful without ending with a three-day shaved head. If you don't do it, it seems that you can continue without difficulty by making it "natural" instead.

It will be easier to get into the habit if you put it in a place where you can use it by the way or in a place that catches your eye!

It's easy to forget in the morning | Sunscreen

■ Keep it with accessories

Putting it on the side of the accessory will prevent you from forgetting to apply it before you leave the house. In addition to sunscreen, you may want to create a space where you can put things you want to wear quickly when you go out, such as perfumes and watches.

■ If it is a fashionable sunscreen, it may not float

A stylishly packaged sunscreen can be enjoyed as part of the interior, even with accessories and perfumes. For example, this sunscreen is not only a nice package, but also a sunscreen that is gentle on the skin and can be used on the face and body.

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| chant a charm

| UV face & body protector

| 3080 yen

An organic sunscreen that can be used on babies and sensitive skin. It is also a nice point to be able to remove it with soap. SPF43, PA ++ and UV rays are also a solid barrier. With a fresh gel-like texture, it suppresses whitening.

■ Reference | Accessory storage

If you are having trouble storing accessories, why don't you enjoy "showing storage" like this? It seems that you can store necessary things such as earrings and ring watches with good taste. For those who just buy too many accessories, it may be a good idea to decide on my rules such as "I will not buy the part that does not fit in this"!

If you notice it, it's dry and dry | Hand cream

■ Next to hand soap and alcohol

By placing it next to a hand soap or alcohol disinfectant, it seems that you can get into the habit of applying hand cream. Hand washing with soap and alcohol disinfection deprive the skin of oil, causing rough hands. By deciding when to apply the hand cream, it seems to help prevent dryness.

■ Reference | For a hotel-like wash basin

By not placing things on the wash basin, you can create a simple and refreshing space like a hotel. It may be a big point to hide items with a sense of life such as tissues and trash cans. If you want a stylish and well-equipped washbasin, please be aware of it!

It's just a hassle | Body cream

■ Let's make a fixed position near the lotion

After taking a bath, there are many things to do, such as moisturizing the face with lotion and milky lotion, and drying the hair. Applying body cream can be a hassle. If you put it near a lotion, you can easily see it, so you may be able to do it in the flow. It is recommended to apply it quickly before you feel it is troublesome!

■ Reference | Toner → Body cream for smooth skin

When you get out of the bath, you should apply lotion to your whole body and then apply body cream. An image that moisturizes the skin with lotion and prevents evaporation of water with body cream.