When choosing headphones, in addition to Bluetooth wireless and wireless charging, more and more people choose noise-cancelling headphones. What are Noise Cancelling Headphones? Some people say that noise-cancelling headphones can hear more clearly, and the volume can be turned on without too much influence, so we don't hurt our ears. Is this true?noise cancelling earbuds and earphones, Here's a quick look at what noise-canceling headphones are, including noise-canceling headphone principles, noise-canceling headphone side effects, and noise-canceling headphone advice!

At present, the noise reduction methods mainly include "active noise reduction" and "passive noise reduction". In addition to the difference in principle, the shape and price of the earphones are also very different. Noise-cancelling headphones on the market usually refer to "active noise-cancelling headphones", and the difference between the two is as follows.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The origin of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a technology developed to allow pilots and astronauts to clearly hear the tower's instructions even when the engine is rumbling during takeoff and landing. The sound waves of external noise, which replicate the sound waves that are similar but opposite to the noise and cancel the noise. The noise reduction effect is better for continuous and low-frequency noises (such as the sound of airplanes, MRT or bus operations), and the noise reduction design effect is limited for occasional noises (such as the voice of a passerby).

passive Noise Cancelling Headphones

passive Noise Cancellation (pNC) can also be called physical noise reduction. Simply put, it directly blocks the medium that transmits sound, that is, air, to achieve the effect of preventing noise from entering the ear, such as over-ear headphones and earplugs. Earphones or in-ear headphones, etc., all operate in the form of passive noise reduction. Among them, in-ear headphones (also known as ear canal headphones) have the best noise reduction effect, so most noise-cancelling headphones are mostly in-ear headphones, but due to the need to insert the ear of the earphone, so that the silicone pad and the ear canal fit perfectly, many people The comfort of wearing is greatly reduced.

pros and cons of noise-cancelling headphones

Advantages of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Volume can be lowered

After drying and no noise, even if the volume does not need to be turned up too high, the sound can be heard clearly, which reduces the damage to the ear caused by excessive volume, and it is more energy efficient to use headphones.