The development of 5g millimeter wave is the inevitable result of communication development

1. Due to the consumption of spectrum resources

Existing communications are mainly focused on the lower frequency bands, 5g mmWave and spectrum resources below 6ghz are relatively scarce, so the industry has naturally started to demand spectrum resources in the range of 30ghz to 300ghz.

2. Communication technology resource management is like a pipeline to deliver water, the greater the pipeline risk, the greater the flow.

The bandwidth of millimeter wave 800MHz is 8 times larger than the 100MHz bandwidth that can usually be used Sub-6GHz, which can realize the enterprise larger bandwidth data for transmission.

3. Millimeter wave information communication is also lower in latency.

For some application research scenarios with high requirements for latency, millimeter wave has become an inevitable choice.

The millimeter wave coverage problem can be solved by forming a focused beam with multiple antenna beams.

Millimeter waves are more attenuated when they are blocked. In both cases, beams with different transmission modes can be transmitted at the transmitting end.

Even if blocked, can also be achieved through the analysis of the reflected beam information communication, but also because the advantage of millimeter wave bandwidth resources have a huge, reflected wave can also achieve a faster rate of enterprise.

In terms of mobility, the solution of beam tracking can be used. By improving the antenna design, the beam emitted by the transmitter will continuously track the location of the receiving user and achieve a continuous connection with the moving target.