"No need to connect to the network, no need to free download, call up all the APP, according to double click the mouse lock screen key can be paid in a hurry." Today, the mobile payment industry and then the major news, China UnionPay joint commercial banks, mainstream cell phone manufacturers, etc. announced the UnionPay unified cashier and the china unionpay international latest UnionPay cell phone flash payment.

China UnionPay said that it tends to release new products and update UnionPay flash payment in order to deeply implement the core concept of "payment for people's benefit" and actively implement the relevant provisions of the People's Bank of China on improving the "four-way" Internet payment.

It is understood that the UnionPay unified cashier includes online and offline. The online unified cashier is committed to gathering the energy of the whole industry chain, according to the core concept of open service platform, combining the resources of the banking industry, three-party payment platforms, cell phone manufacturers, UnionPay and other parties, unifying the online acceptance logo and completing the data sharing of online acceptance Internet.

At the same time, according to the offline promotion of the unified cashier, in-depth promotion of offline acceptance of Internet data sharing, can assist the savings card applicable to a large number of consumption level scenarios, with the same time according to the unified acceptance mark, customer experience and technical standards, a reasonable reduction of shopkeepers learning training costs fees, improve payment efficiency and user payment feelings.

UnionPay's unified cashier is applicable to a wide range of payment-specific tools within the banking industry App, "UnionPay Flash" App, cell phone flash payment (Pay on cell phone), SRC payment dovetailed with national industry standards and various money clip Apps.

Professionals stressed that UnionPay released a unified cash register has three key practical implications, one is to completely change the association of Internet technology with the scenario, according to the unified cash register goods, to the payment field participants open to the outside world, can reduce the Internet technology payment companies connected to the acceptance side cost fee; second is to build sales market layout, that is, not endanger the opening to the outside world, financial institutions and their third-party payment organizations and other participants, can will be a lot of human resources and other natural resources into product iteration, customer operations, really give full play to the core competitive advantage; third is to reconstruct the feeling of payment, bringing a new selection for guests, with the same time reunited with the four-party approach to ensure the rights and interests of each participant.

The upgraded version of UnionPay cell phone flash payment, is integrated with offline promotion NFC cloud flash payment, two-dimensional code and its APP go within the online payment, into a collection of their own collection code, ride code, repayment, marketing promotion and interest service items and other applications as one of the latest type of mobile payment goods, really complete a cell phone to deal with online and offline, the region overseas full scenario payment.

It is worth mentioning that when customers make transactions online, they do not have to connect to the network, they do not have to download and crank up all APPs for free, and they can pay in a hurry according to double-clicking the mouse lock screen button. UnionPay Mobile Flash will further gather financial institutions, cell phone manufacturers and UnionPay's colorful benefits, special offers and personalized services to bring multi-faceted and systematic financial information services to users.

UnionPay indicates that it will continue to promote collaboration with multiple parties in the industry chain, explore independent and innovative ways of cooperation, create comprehensive solutions and improve the overall financial information service level of the industry chain.