Super easy! Minimalist art, minimalist life. The attention to the value that refined simplicity to the limit is gathered. It is best to be able to arrange the wardrobe that tends to be especially a woman with the minimum item necessary. Complete description of how to make a minimalist wardrobe. Please refer to it.

Merritt dressed in less clothes

If you choose only the favorite clothes you really want, the closet is clear and you can afford a feeling. Then, "the lost time becomes lost in the code = time and time to choose the clothes of every day and clothes in the morning" to the short time ruteen.

Moreover, money can be saved because it doesn't buy unnecessary clothes. The whole aspect of living in the whole life. If you think about the basic idea of minimalism, you should approach a worthless wardrobe!

Easy with 3 rules! A shopping technique for wearing clothes

Unify the lines of clothes

First of all, the important point in making coordination with less clothes is to unify the line of clothes.

From casual, elegant, feminine, girly, simple style, and so on. Then, you really need the item you need.

Main item

For example, if you own the same eight items, "tops 4, bottoms 4" is better than "tops 6, bottoms 2". The balance of the number of tops and bottoms is tight.

In addition, it is best to select the basic item with high wearing power. The design is easy to fit both pants and skirts. If you are bottoms, please try to simulate 3 types of tops.

3. The volume and the trend object are suppressed to about

When the wardrobe is completed with less clothes, it is difficult to match the logo, the thing, and the trend thing, and it tends to become one pattern. Because the replacement is necessary every season, the thing and trend is suppressed to 20% of the whole.

3 tops

When you hold the basics of minimalist, let's look at how to arrange concrete items quickly. First of all, we introduce three recommended tops. Change the wear every season and carefully select all season items.

1. White T-shirt

The super basic "white T-shirt" is one item that is good even if you wear it in one piece and wear it even if you wear it. Clean clean, any coats can be cleanly finished!

How to wear clothes in spring and summer

This is a super minimal style of white T-shirt and black denim. I made a silhouette this time by tucking in my waist. Adult casual with rough and sneakers and rough finish.

White T-shirt is also useful for skirt code. It is complete with the adult code of sweetness by adjusting the basic white dot to the dot pattern skirt. It is a white T-shirt which eliminates the useless logo and decoration, and drifts the sophistication of the adult.

How to wear autumn and winter

In autumn winter, it is very cold in one white T-shirt. If you use the white T-shirt on the inside of the authentic standard check jacket, it gives you a clean impression, and the pattern is lined up.

As for the inside of the pullover, the white T-shirt is great activity! Aim at the depth rise of the fall and winter cords from the hem of the sweat and the white T. It makes it easy to adjust the temperature of the product to make it even more fashionable.

Casual shirt

It is the charm of the maximum size of the shirt which is made to be a cloth if it is opened and opened to the top if the button is closed. Because the three-dimensional feeling is generated around the face with the collar, the simple code does not seem to be plain.

It can be used as a top or a weave.

The white one X Green rib pants simple one to code prevents the appearance of the shirt collar. The silhouette is completed even at the minimum item by wearing it with loose collar.

This is styled using shirts. From brown to Beige Natural glade, white shirt is made, and it is made in spring and summer. If you use a shirt, you can adjust the temperature to be fashionable.

How to wear autumn and winter

If you wear shirts in fall and winter, use the three-dimensional silhouette to accent the outer code. The inner shirt expresses a stylish depth. In addition, turn on the edge with the corset belt.

3. Cardigan

Cardigan is a simple piece that can easily change your facial expression with a simple cord. If you close the button as well as the shirt, you can use it as tops!

How to wear clothes in spring and summer

In spring and summer, I carve for Cami cords and make a cardigan. Of course, even if you turn on the top of the white T-shirt or the shirt, you decide to be fashionable. It is a feeling to drop the shoulder a little and rub it in loose.

How to wear autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, the front button is closed and the tuck in the pants is felt with the top feeling. Because the waist appearance comes true, and the feeling is neatly felt, it will raise the classical mood of autumn and winter.