"Stretching your back" makes you beautiful

When I feel that my neck and shoulders are stiff, most of the time, not only that, but my entire back is stretched. If your muscles become stiff and difficult to move, it can cause your muscles to look old. However, it is difficult to tell if your back is stiff.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce a method of self-checking your current back tension, a stretching method to relieve stiffness, and the effects you can expect by loosening your back.

◇ First, self-check the tension of your back ◇

Let's self-check the current tension of your back. There are three check items. All of them are easy to do, but be careful not to get injured.

[Check 1] Let's move the neck up, down, left and right

Once you're in the right position, slowly tilt your neck left and right or move it up and down. At this time, do you feel the difference in range of motion between the left and right, front and back, and the pain that stretches? If you feel that kind of discomfort, you may have a tight back.

[Check 2] Let's do banzai

Raise your arms slowly from the front toward the ceiling in a semicircle. How far have you raised your arms?

It's OK if you can raise your elbows to the side of both ears without bending them, and if you can put your palms overhead! If you can't, your back may be stretched.

[Check 3] Let's raise your arm from the side

This time, raise one arm from the side of your body with your palm facing up. Hold your shoulders with the opposite hand of your raised arm so that you don't get on your shoulders.

It's OK if you go above the shoulder height (90 degrees or more). The ideal is 120 degrees or more. If you can only raise your arms below that, you may have a tight back.

What are the lifestyle habits that are common to people with stiff backs?

How was your self-check? Many people may say that they couldn't get their hands up more than they expected.

From here, I will introduce lifestyle habits that are common to people with stiff backs. Please see if there are any items that apply.

Frequent use of PCs and smartphones

When you work at your desk for a long time, you don't move your muscles much and you tend to lean forward, which makes it easier for you to stretch your back. This is more noticeable if the desk and chair are not the same height. People who feel "I'm tired of just sitting ..." are likely to have a tight back.

When using a smartphone, the posture is often downward, which tends to put a strain on the neck and cause tension. It can be said that the longer you spend looking at your smartphone, the easier it is to get stuck.

I have a habit of clenching my teeth

If you have a habit of clenching your teeth, not only your jaw but also the muscles of your temporal region become tense. The tension may spread to the entire head and neck and spread to the shoulders. If this continues, it will cause your back to become tighter.

Pillow height does not match

Sleeping posture is no exception. It is said that ideally, the posture when lying on your back and the posture when standing are the same, but if the pillows do not fit, it will collapse.

If the pillow is too high, the head will face downward, and if it is too low, the head will fall and become unstable, which will strain the muscles of the neck and shoulders and cause it to become stiff. It is important to use the pillow that suits you.

I am stressed

When stress builds up, the balance of the autonomic nerves becomes unstable, and blood circulation tends to be stagnant. If you feel heavy and tired, your posture will often be sluggish, which will only increase the strain on your back.

Vitamin deficiency

You may be surprised to think, "Is food related?", But most people with strong stiffness and tension have poor blood circulation. Vitamin is one of the essential nutrients for healthy beauty such as recovery from fatigue and beautiful skin, and especially vitamin E is an important nutrient that can be expected to promote blood circulation. It is also called a rejuvenating vitamin, so I want to take it consciously so that I don't run out.

Benefits and benefits of increased back flexibility

Improves posture

The more flexible your back muscles, the easier it is for your posture-keeping muscles to move. In addition, it can be expected to improve the flexibility around the pelvis, so bad posture such as stooping will be alleviated naturally. By taking a good posture without difficulty, the burden will be reduced and your back will be easier to stretch.

Relieves and prevents stiff neck and back pain

If the burden is reduced, the muscles can be kept in a state where they can move easily, so you can build a body that does not cause any upset. It also improves blood circulation and makes it harder to feel stiff neck and shoulders. Back pain is also said to be one of the causes of muscle stiffness, so it can be expected to relieve back pain by reducing back tension.

Expected bust-up and hip-up effects

Even if you improve your posture, your downward bust and hips will rise sharply and you will get closer to a beautiful body. By reducing the strain on the muscles and allowing them to move well, the muscles that raise the bust and hips will also be able to play a solid role. You will be able to do muscle training effectively, so you will be able to feel the results of your exercise more easily.

Relieves and prevents chills and swelling

When the muscles are loosened, blood circulation improves, and blood can be smoothly delivered to the ends of the limbs where it is easy to feel cold. This will help expel waste products, improve lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling.

Improves sleep quality

Not only does the blood circulation improve when the muscles are loosened, but stretching can also be expected to have a relaxing effect. You will get a good night's sleep as your body is released from tension and your autonomic nerves are balanced. In terms of resetting your daily fatigue, it seems ideal to take in stretches before going to bed.

Practice at home! Let's loosen your back with a simple stretch

"Back stretch" that can be done in a short time

3 types of simple back stretch. You can stretch the whole body, focusing on the "latissimus dorsi", which is important for making your posture look beautiful on your back. Stretch firmly as it is an important muscle to attract the beautiful constriction from the back.

Effective for refreshing armpit meat * Scapula stretch

A stretch that loosens the muscles around the shoulder blades. If your shoulders get inside and your shoulder blades get stuck, you will not be able to take the correct posture, so please use this stretch to relax little by little.

OK in 2 minutes! Towel stretch that increases the flexibility of the entire back

Towel stretch that softens the entire back from the range of motion of the shoulder blades. At first, you may not be able to lower your hand, or if you try to lower it, you may be in a forward leaning posture. In that case, make the towel bigger and widen both hands. If it is still difficult, you may get injured if you force it, so please do it as much as you can.

For people with a stiff body and beginners ♪ Special yoga that stretches the entire upper body

Yoga to loosen the upper body, mainly on the shoulders and back. You can stretch not only the latissimus dorsi muscle but also the trapezius muscle above it, which is easy to notice stiff shoulders. You can also stretch the chest muscles, so you can expect more effect on the inside of the shoulders.

Precautions when stretching

Let's stretch slowly

Stretching to add recoil may be done by warming up, but there is a risk of moving beyond the range of motion and there is a risk of injury.

To relax your back, you need to loosen your muscles and increase your flexibility, so take your time to stretch them slowly.

Don't stretch it too much

Many people may endure the pain and stretch if they want to be a little softer, but on the contrary, they can become stiff. This is called the "stretching reflex", but when you stretch it rapidly, you feel that it is dangerous for your body to stretch further, and you try to contract and protect your muscles. When stretching, relax and feel the natural muscle growth.

Breathe naturally while relaxing

"Breathing" is very important when stretching. It is said that muscles loosen by stretching while exhaling, but what I want you to be aware of is that you do not hold your breath.

If you are too conscious of your breathing, you may overstretch or disturb your breathing, so relax and try to breathe naturally.

Eliminates stiffness and tension in the back and makes the body less tired *

We have introduced the benefits, expected effects, and stretches that increase flexibility that can be obtained by improving the tension and stiffness of the back. It is also very important to carry out regular self-checks to know your current physical condition. Let's continue steadily every day and start building a body that does not get tired easily.