Which one is better, walnut oil DHA or algae oil DHA?

Many mothers who are accustomed to eating algae oil DHA or even fish oil DHA first notice DHA such as walnut oil.

People are always curious about new things. As a mother and baby blogger, the probability of being asked about such products by fans is naturally increasing day by day.

Regarding the issue of walnut oil DHA, the most common question asked by mothers is: Is walnut oil DHA better than algae oil DHA?

1. Algae oil DHA is more suitable for children, and walnut oil is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

The earliest raw materials for DHA products actually came from marine fish, but scientists have verified that marine fish actually contain very little DHA. This not only increases the cost of DHA extraction,algal oil powder manufacturer but also fish oil contains a large amount of EPA. Research has found that EPA has It has the effect of diluting blood, so it is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with high blood lipids. Walnut oil DHA, as a new source of DHA, also has this shortcoming. At the same time, 70% of the ingredients in walnuts are fat~!algae oil supplement Therefore, if the baby eats too much walnut oil, DHA is not particularly effective for brain development, and the EPA contained in it will also inhibit the baby's visual nerve development. Eating too much can also lead to precocious puberty in children. What's worse, The large amount of fat in walnut oil can also cause obesity in infants and even increase the incidence of fatty liver. Algal oil DHA not only has sufficient content of DHA, but also contains almost no EPA, so it is currently the best raw material for DHA~! More suitable for children's brain development needs.

2. Walnut oil DHA is cheaper, algae oil is more expensive

Walnut oil has many disadvantages in supplementing brain nutrition for infants, and a major reason why it is still so popular is that the raw materials are cheap~!

Yes, you guessed it right.ara oil Most of the walnuts are artificially cultivated, so the raw materials are easy to obtain. The oil yield of walnuts is very high, so the production cost is virtually reduced. Therefore, driven by profits, there will naturally be businesses. Research and development of walnut oil DHA. Due to the low research and development costs, natural walnut oil DHA will become the cheapest DHA on the market. This is the real reason for its popularity.

3. Don’t be greedy for cheap, look for quality.

Walnut oil DHA is cheap, so it will naturally be favored by many mothers who do not know the principle. However, experts from Beitong clearly stated that when it comes to nutritional supplements for children, do not be greedy for cheap, and it is best to choose algae oil. Yes, when choosing DHA from algae oil, it is best to look at its endorsement. If the endorsement is strong and high quality, it is definitely the fastest way to choose high-quality DHA.

In order to meet the needs of Chinese babies’ brain development and improve the core competitiveness of domestic DHA.