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Whether you are working or studying, you can't write documents without Word, so mastering some useful tips will help improve our work efficiency! Today I want to share with you 8 simple and useful Word skills.

1. Reuse the formatting brush

You can only use the formatting brush once per click?convert scanned pdf to word online free In fact, you are useless. Yes, you can double-click [Formatting Brush] and use it indefinitely. Setting a uniform font style is very convenient.

2. Text to form conversion

How to convert Word text into a table, do not have to copy to Excel to edit, there is a simpler way! Just click [Insert] - [Forms] - [Convert Text to Forms], it is important to remember to [Text Separation Position] set to [Characters Between Texts]!

3. Voice reading text

This is often overlooked one of the small skills,scanned pdf to word converter online in fact, [review] in the hidden a [read aloud] tool, we can use it to generate voice-over, automatically read the text content, you can also adjust the sound.

Word tone is relatively single, the dubbing quality of friends with high requirements, you may want to try online dubbing. It provides hundreds of styles of voice line, there are atmospheric female voice, suspenseful narration male voice, Zhe Pu female voice, etc., natural and vivid. You can also choose to use the dialect or foreign language anchor for dubbing oh.

4.PDF files to Word

PDF files received in the work, you want to convert to Word for editing, then you can create a new blank document, click [File], and then select [Open], find the PDF file to be converted, click [OK],investintech free online pdf to word converter wait for the conversion is complete, you can edit the PDF document content.

5. Batch unified picture size

Want to insert a uniform size of the picture in Word, one by one to adjust is too much trouble; in fact, you only need to hold down the Ctrl key, select all the pictures in turn, click on the [Picture Format], enter the height and width of the picture, click on [OK], you can quickly unify the size of the picture.

6. A key to extract all the pictures

If you want to export all the pictures in the Word document, then you can use a key to extract and other methods. The file name suffix to [.rar], unzip this folder, in turn, tap [word] - [media], you can see all the pictures in Word.

7. Quickly translate Word

When you need to translate a document, in Word can be done. Select the text that needs to be translated, find [review] at the top, select [translation], select the corresponding option, it will begin to translate, here can translate dozens of languages, pro-test accuracy is very high.

8. Find and Replace Text

Document content is a lot of time, this feature comes in handy, when you find a word typed wrong, we just click [Start] - [Edit] - [Find and Replace], enter the word to find, as well as enter the correct word, and finally select [Replace All] can be.