rapid manufacturing companies

Recently I wanted to buy some furniture for my home, look at the furniture market, rapid manufacturing companiesnot suitable for my small house, I would have liked to customize some suitable furniture, but it may take 10 days to a month to customize, and it is not cheap, you can only get rid of this idea, you can only buy something that does not fit your idea. I would really like to have a machine that can quickly become a reality based on my own imagination.

Of course there is no such machine, but there is a low-level version, 3d printing, specifically rapid liquid printing, which is a collaboration between the MIT Self-Assembly Home Lab and designer Christopher Guberan, a new invention that has been made possible through 3d printing. The technology allows for rapid customization rapid cnc prototypingof furniture and production, with guaranteed quality and quantity.

Previously there was 3D printing technology and it was mature, but one of the biggest limitations was that the printed objects needed support structures, layering and time to print, resulting in slow printing speeds and limited production scale. Compared to traditional cured 3D printing, this liquid 3D printing technology is based on the mixing of two chemical materials rather than using light or temperature as external conditions, which allows rapid 3d printingdesigners to print without the constraints of gravity, thus greatly increasing speed. In an experiment to print the same target, this new technology takes only 10 minutes, while traditional 3D printing takes 50 hours.

This liquid printing information technology enterprise has its own unique charm and fascinating qualities, and for the whole teaching process is very quiet, like making a painting, and the development can be very fast, I believe that in the future need us students only need a few minutes to print a custom piece of furniture, the editor also do not have to wait for ten days.