There are many advantages of CNC, come and learn!

1. Good flexibility

By the hardware logic circuit composed of dedicated hardware CNC machine to change the function of the system must be rewired, while the flexible computer CNC machine system can change and cnc machining service china expand its functions by changing the corresponding control software to meet the different needs of users.

2. Strong function

Computer technology and its peripherals can be used to enhance the functionality of digital control systems and digital control machines.

By using the graphical display function of the computer, it is possible to check the programmed tool path, correct programming errors and check the possibility of collision between the tool and the machine tool and fixture. hr management system Using the function of computer network communication, it is easy to form a production line with a digital control machine.

3. High reliability

Computer numerical control technology system can use tape, floppy disk and other data input control devices, avoiding the shortcomings of the previous digital control machine due to the frequent opening of the optical reader caused by information errors.

The computer digital control can reduce the network hardware circuit as much as possible, s19 95th significantly reducing the solder joints, connectors and external connections, and improving the work reliability.

Computer digital control system research generally has the main function of self-diagnosis, when the digital control system has a variety of faults, can display the fault handling information, easy to repair or prevent method operator error

4. Easy to achieve mechanical and electrical integration

Since large-scale integrated circuits and advanced printed circuit layout technology are applied to computer circuit boards, only a few printed circuit boards can be used to form the entire control system.

The digital control device and operation panel are placed in a small digital control box to promote the integration of electromechanics.