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Be careful if you feel "cool"! Disorders caused by cold lower body & stretch to eliminate

Be careful of cool people!

Have you ever touched your legs and felt "cool"? Even people who don't usually feel cold often have a cold lower body, which is also called hidden sensitivity to cold. And this often causes lower body weight and swelling.

Since the lower body is a part of the body that has large muscles, it is thought that various effects will begin to appear on the whole body if it is in a state where it is easy to get cold.

Let's take measures against cold before the full-scale autumn and aim to build a body that is hard to get cold. This time, we will introduce the causes of the lower body getting cold, the benefits of taking care of it, and the recommended stretches and exercises to eliminate the cold.

Characteristics of people whose lower body tends to get cold

Lots of desk work

If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, you will not be able to move your lower body for a long time. If you do so, the pump function of the calf will not work well, and the blood flow will deteriorate, making it easier to get cold. Also, if the lymphatic flow is blocked, swelling and coldness may become stronger.

Prone to back pain

Back pain is often seen in people with poor posture, such as stoops and warped hips. Back pain and cold tend to seem unrelated, but it is said that there is a high risk of back pain if the muscles in the buttocks are stiff.

This not only causes poor blood circulation, but also causes the hip joints to move poorly, and the pelvis to become unstable, which can lead to poor circulation of the lower body.

Muscle weakness due to lack of exercise

If you have less muscle mass, you will not be able to generate heat, which may make it easier to get cold. Especially when the muscle mass of the lower body, which has large muscles, is reduced, the effect is considered to be large. Also, if you don't have a habit of moving your body, you will not be able to move your muscles well, and your circulation will be worse.

Prone to sleep deprivation

Poor sleep quality can easily cause the autonomic nervous system to become unbalanced, which can lead to muscle tension. Since you cannot switch to relax mode well, your muscles tend to become stiff and you may have poor blood circulation. This may impair lymphatic flow, which can lead to swelling and coldness.


Drinking too much water

Hydration is of course important, but it can't be too little or too much. If it is too low, the body will try to retain water, making it easier to swell and there is also a risk of dehydration. Also, if it is too much, it cannot be sufficiently discharged by sweat etc. and unnecessary water accumulates in the body, which may cause the body to cool down.

Four benefits of getting rid of cold lower body

[1] It becomes easier to lose weight

When blood circulation improves, not only does swelling become clearer, but it can also be expected to improve metabolism by improving circulation. It is thought that fat burns more easily by improving the movement of large muscles in the lower body. For those who feel that their lower body is prone to sluggishness, improving the cold can be said to be a shortcut to beautiful legs.

[2] I feel refreshed

If you can move the muscles of the lower body firmly and generate heat, blood circulation will improve and you will be able to efficiently deliver blood to the whole body.

By activating and stabilizing the muscles of the lower body, the position of the pelvis is also adjusted, so your abdomen should be naturally refreshed.

[3] It becomes difficult to swell

A better cold in the lower body can be translated into a better blood circulation and lymphatic flow throughout the body. Since water metabolism is working well, including the discharge of waste products, you will feel a light body that does not cause swelling.

[4] You can build a body that does not get tired easily

When blood circulation improves, it becomes possible to circulate a lot of oxygen throughout the body, so it can be expected that cells throughout the body will also be activated. In addition, by smoothly discharging waste products, you can aim to build a healthy body without getting tired. The amount of daily activity will naturally increase.

Let's take measures against cold and aim to build a body without any problems

Now is the best time to care for a cold body that you haven't noticed. It is best to eliminate it before it affects not only the lower body but the whole body. Before the arrival of full-scale autumn, let's take measures against cold and aim for a healthy body.

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