Tower of Babel-This is the feeling of turmoil. The idols we live in have stopped: economy, entertainment, clubs, shopping, travel, and even church. Where is God in all this? He is waiting for us to spend more time with him before friends, family, luxury goods, careers and even churches.

Now, most of us feel that our lives have been subverted and forced to reluctant to continue to build any towers we have erected. Even in half of the places in the United States where work is maintained, the workplace will change dramatically, and caregivers and parents at home are also facing new challenges. Our prayers go deeper, we listen to God ’s answers to our questions, the Bible in the Bible or the whispers of his spirit.

I am cautious about opponents who have no positive views on what our leaders have done. They were quarterbacks and fear-mongers on Monday morning. Thankfully, the editors and writers of the Augusta Chronicle provided sunshine for the facts on the local news and opinion pages.

However, the negative emotions of national journalists are everywhere. In the March 29th Chronicle, Kristine Phillips of "USA Today" published an entire page about anonymous reports of Asians in the pandemic; an article in the Associated Press " Billions of people ’s relief programs cannot buy out hospitals, ”the full-page article has many wrong assumptions; and the full page of“ Today ’s USA ”“ The Fed has ignored the experiment and misled scientists ” The full subjective condemnation of federal aid. Reporters seem to have difficulty writing objectively.

The president ’s daily working group briefings on Fox and C-SPAN kept me and my husband up to date on the latest facts, which is reassuring, but because people ’s knowledge is so insignificant, even such a tower .

Nonetheless, God bless the transparency and expertise of the team. They have summoned all of us to take precautions and are achieving results.