As the government orders the closure of many small businesses, owners are scrambling to save what they build.

Many small businesses in Lexington are currently working daily, but have eased along the way. (WKYT)
A Lexington business owner is adjusting his services to survive. At the same time, the president of the central bank and trust funds said he could begin to provide relief to troubled business owners.

"Darryl, how have you been in the past 48 hours?" Sam Dick asked.

"Crazy, crazy, chaotic." "I think any small business owner; we'll tell you, we're all scared," said Daryl Lyons.

Lyon took over Detail Lex two years ago, has two branches, nearly two dozen employees, and recently won the National Award from the International Detail Association.

"We are not a necessity, we are a luxury, but as you and I have said, there is a grey area here because we are steaming and cleaning and we are working to provide you with a healthier environment."

Therefore, he provides high-intensity steam cleaning services for cars and trucks.

"Steam cleaning is what you see now Chris is doing, he is killing 99% of the bacteria in the car, we can't talk about coronavirus, and you know we are still learning, we are doing our side Know that our box office is set for tomorrow, "Lyons said.

But this is an opportunity for Lyon and his team to survive every day, just like many other small businesses in Kentucky.

"Sam, I've been talking to the state and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on the phone, and they both agree on what we're doing," said Luther Deaton.

Central Bank President and CEO, who has more than 40 years of banking experience, says helping small business owners is more important than ever.

"If a client comes in and they need 30 or 60 or 90 days of relief, we can do that, and the regulators won't have any problems," Deton said.

He added that the same is true of commercial loans. He said that customers with car payments can take a break.

"Suppose a person is laid off from a restaurant and they get a car loan. We can also move forward."

Lyon did not give up.

"It's scary, but I told myself and my crew that we are going to fight."

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